What Dreams May Come: Montenegro

What Dreams May Come: Montenegro
 Montenegro, Montenegro, or, as they call it indigenous people - this is truly an amazing country. Here the crystal waters of the Adriatic are framed by steep slopes of the mountains. White stones, Mediterranean sun, magnificent scenery, clean air - getting on this earth, you feel like in the Garden of Eden.
 Rest in Montenegro will appeal to those who appreciate the beauty of nature and loves to travel. On the territory of this small country are many attractions that you can drive around in a short period of time.

Inspect miraculously preserved old town with narrow streets, paved with stone. Visit the ancient temples and monasteries. One of them, Ostrog, carved high in the cliff. Pilgrims from all over the world go there to venerate the relics of St. Basil of Ostrog. Take a Skadar Lake - huge and clean. There are growing lilies, live pink pelicans and many species of fish and birds.

Be sure to climb the mountain Lovcen, in a beautiful nature reserve. At the top is the tomb of Peter Njegoš. This is an awesome ruler of Montenegro, which was not only the king but also a philosopher and a poet. Go to the old town of Bar, in the vicinity of growing olive tree, which is about two thousand years. Alloy boats on rough mountain river and admire the beautiful waterfalls.

In Montenegro, you can relax in a different way, calm and measured. On the coast of the country is the purest water in the Mediterranean basin. Beaches - sandy and pebble beaches, with large and small stones. And all around - a stunning scent of pine trees, mountains and blue, sky high.

You will not leave indifferent delicious local cuisine and fine wines. Portions in restaurants more, all cooked with love: meat, fish, sauces flavored with olive oil and garlic. Be sure to try prshyut and home negoshsky cheese, drink dry red wine "Vranac".

Plus - the people in Montenegro are very hospitable. Russians are like and take the glory. Yes, and a visa for entry is not needed. So there is a reason to stay in a hotel or apartment and go to a country aspiring to the clouds rocks and transparent sea.

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