Uzbekistan: A journey into the heart of the empire of Tamerlane

Uzbekistan: A journey into the heart of the empire of Tamerlane
 Uzbekistan - in this word divine sounds dutar fractional rhythms and intricate melody doira surnay, it buzz bazaar and the rustle of maturing cotton. Samarkand, Khiva, Bukhara - these ancient cities still keep a memory of Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great and numerous caravans of merchants who followed along the Silk Road. In Uzbekistan should go to someone who wants to feel the breath of history itself. Migration of peoples, fierce war empires, sunrises and sunsets entire civilizations, the wonders of architectural brilliance and scientific life - all seen a fertile Uzbek land.
 Grand mosque with streamed into the cloudless sky minarets, with a cascade of blue domes and harmonious proportions - that's the first thing that causes the emotion of the guests of the east of the country. Emirs and caliphs residence seem to come alive illustrations marvelous tales of Scheherazade. Involuntarily seems like their thick walls through the maze of luxuriously decorated rooms crowds of faithful servants, cruel and treacherous viziers eunuchs guarding concubines in harems.

Since ancient times, Uzbekistan was a bridge between peoples and nations, the crossroads of ancient caravan routes and meeting place of civilizations, cultures and languages. Through the State Great Silk Road, which connected the east to the Mediterranean countries. Great Bukhara and incomparable in its coloring Samarkand - it is through these cities caravans docile camels transporting porcelain and silk, gems and fragrant spices, woolen fabrics and ceramics.

Bukhara is often called the Pearl of the Orient. It is a city-fairy tale, covered with legends and remained relatively unchanged over the past two centuries. Poets such as Rudaki and Dakiki devoted to him their poems. The most ancient monuments of Bukhara is the Ark citadel. One can only guess how many secrets hidden behind its surging walls. This fortress for many centuries many times turned into ruins and restored again. According to one legend, the stronghold ceased to collapse when it is built on the outlines of the constellation Ursa Major. In Bukhara you can also visit the handicraft series - engravers, blacksmiths, zolotoshvei right in front of astonished tourists show their skills.

Khiva - the ancient eastern city, in the air and it is now hovering spirit of the Middle Ages. This is the only fully preserved town on the Silk Road. There are no high modern buildings and busy highway. Time in this Uzbek city seems to stop. Here you can see a lot of historical monuments, old buildings made of clay, which is still inhabited.

Samarkand, the same age as Athens and Rome, dazzles the senses of every conqueror, treacherously invaded the land of Uzbekistan. He even today remains the same spectacular and original. The natural abundance of picturesque valley Zarafshan, where there was this city, was sung in the scriptures "Avesta". In Samarkand dramatic fate. Once destroyed by the troops of Macedon, he was able to be reborn from the ashes to become a major center of trade. This city is considered the capital of Tamerlane's empire. Here, in the Gur Emir mausoleum, buried himself great conqueror, his sons and grandsons.

In this city, you can buy figurines of clay and Ganja, silk carpets. Certainly need to look for a local base, where soar sweet aromas of freshly baked bread and fruit, ripened in the bright sunshine. Here and juicy Samsa, and honeydew melon and ripe grapes, pistachios and graceful hills, and the famous cakes and fragrant paste.

Tashkent - the capital of the state. Despite the relatively advanced age, is a modern city, where signs of antiquity are combined with high-rise buildings of metal and glass, shady parks, fountains, tiered overpasses.

Deserves special attention and Uzbek cuisine. Around the world, famous for its golden Uzbek pilaf, having many options of cooking. There can taste Bukhara, Ferghana, Samarkand, Tashkent, Khiva pilaf and compare which one is still more delicious. But that's not all - juicy dumplings, fragrant shourpa, hearty Lagman ... All local dishes not listed. Much better to try it personally.

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