Tunisia: tour "trip to the Sahara"

Tunisia: tour "trip to the Sahara"
 Tunisia is located in North Africa and bordering the Mediterranean. This is a small but very beautiful, modern and interesting state. In Tunisia, the stunning natural surroundings, warm sea, ancient cultures and amazing ancient monuments. South of the country is desert. If you are going to Tunisia, you will have the opportunity to tour the Sahara. Without a doubt, this trip will make a lasting impression on you.

El Jem

Excursion to the Sahara is designed for two days. Travel passes on comfortable buses or jeep. You leave at dawn and head south. After a few tens of kilometers, you find yourself in El Jem. There is the Roman amphitheater 3rd century, which hosted the famous gladiator fights. Of El Jem you continue the path towards Sfax.

Sfax and Gabes

Outside the window, stretch endless olive groves. You drive to Sfax. It is the birthplace of poets, philosophers and many creative individuals. Continue your route along the coast and you arrive at Gabes - big excursion center of the country. Gabes is surrounded by palm trees. Here is an oasis Shenini.
Now you have to climb to the plateau Mapshaty. As we move your gaze presents a magical lunar landscape. There are caves troglodytes (Berbers). This is the place to shoot the film "In Search of the Lost Ark" and "Star Wars."

"The gates of the Sahara"

You reach the Dusan, called "the gates of the Sahara." You're almost there. It was here and the desert begins with fine sand, dunes, palm trees and camel caravans. In ancient times through Douz passing caravan route to Algeria. Here you stop for the night.

Salt Lake and Kairouan

Dusan you move from the north-west through the huge salt lake Chott Jerid. Here you can at a depth of 1 meter dig "Desert Rose" - a unique crystal consisting of sand and salt. If you do not succeed, you will be able to buy it in one of the souvenir shops. Lake wonderfully beautiful and famous for its mirages. On the shore of Chott Jerid is the town of Tozeur. It is famous for date palms. Dates, called "fingers of light", are famous all over the world. You will be taken to the city of Kairouan - fourth shrine of the Muslim world, where the ancient mosque. Kairouan is also famous for the sacred source of Bir Barruta and carpet production.
Then you will enjoy the waterfalls and relax in desert oases. You will meet the sunset and sunrise in the desert, camel tours, jeep safaris, landscapes, successive, mirages in the desert and many other unforgettable experiences. Sugar will appear before you in all its glory, different, diverse, and unforgettable.

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