How to stop being afraid of planes

How to stop being afraid of planes
 Get on vacation to an exotic country, you can only make a flight. Yes, and the Black Sea coast is easier to get in the air than to shake and a half days in a stuffy car. However, many tourists there is a fear of planes. How to overcome this fear?
 Fear of flying in airplanes will not work by itself. Easy its shape is eliminated by meditating. But severe phobia cure only by a specialist.

To get rid of the fear of flying, remember conclusions analysts. According to their calculations airliners - the safest transport. Most accidents occur on the road, followed by a train and all sorts of water vessel. There is a chance to fly on an airliner to the destination at times more than to get to it by car or by boat to swim. Not to mention the savings in transit time, which can be to spend at the resort.

Most often, the fear of air transport is due to the fact that people do not understand how such a heavy car can fly and overcome the force of gravity. However, nothing complicated about it. Remember mugs aircraft modeling. Even a child can collect the winged machine that will successfully hold the ground. A design planes are not children, and experienced engineers who have studied this in the institutions, and then a long practiced on special allowances. In addition, before each departure liners pass technical inspection. And fault was not allowed to fly.

Another option, when a person is afraid of not flying, and the enclosed space in the aircraft. There may help distractions. First, ask the chair near the window. When the liner attains a height such open spaces, that of indoors just forget. Secondly, many modern aircraft are equipped with screens located in the back of the forward seat. Include an interesting movie to forget about their own fears.

To finally relax, do not abandon the proposed flight attendant glass of wine or a glass of tequila. A small amount of alcohol is able to blunt fears result in good spirits, and you will be happy to continue the journey.

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