How to stop being afraid of flying

How to stop being afraid of flying
 Fear of flying - a very common phobia, which affects people from all walks of life. Some aerophobia progresses so that they completely stop using planes, choosing alternative modes of transport.
 What is most afraid of people who are afraid to fly? Everybody knows that planes are the safest mode of transport. Chance to die in a car accident is much higher. However aerophobia afraid that, being on board the aircraft, they are completely helpless and can not take any action to save itself.

Aerophobia - a diagnosis and if it appears strong enough should seek help from a therapist. The worst thing about phobias that if nothing is done, then over time they will become stronger.

To get rid of their own fear of flying, try a number of recommendations of psychologists. First, recognize and accept your own: yes you are afraid, but you can overcome it. Second, specify the reasons for which you need to fly. This can be a pleasant meeting, the need for work and other very important reasons. Third, learn to control your breathing. When advancing signs of panic do 10 deep breaths through your nose and exhale through the mouth. Fourth, imagine your own visually - so he'll be easier to handle. The final step - to accept the situation: you can not influence it, but it does not mean that the worst happens.

If you are not willing to be treated, try to take a number of steps before the flight, which will help you overcome the fear. A couple of weeks before the flight drink a course of natural sedatives, such as Persia, Novopassit, tincture of valerian, etc. More serious medication can be taken only on prescription.

Before the flight, try to relax, to fatigue does not affect your mood. Do not watch disaster movies, especially those involving aircraft, plane crashes statistics do not look on the internet.

Pick up for itself a collection of nice and relaxing music to distract from unpleasant thoughts on the plane. You also need to stock up on games, movies and books that will help you pass the time in flight.

At registration, ask for a place where you will feel calmer. If you are afraid of height - you should not be placed in the window, afraid of turbulence - do not sit in the tail. Those who are not comfortable in a confined space, it is better to ask for a place near the emergency exit. If you can not somehow describe their fears - sit at the window. View the entire aircraft and motors to reassure you. During the flight, try to distract or sleep.

Do not be shy fear of flying. This fear is founded in the genotype of a person - in fact the sky is not the natural place of its habitat. But imagine how lucky you - you have the opportunity to see the world from a bird's flight. Enjoy these views and a pleasant flight!

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