Beauty of the underwater world

Beauty of the underwater world
 Among the various types of tourism immense popularity has familiarity with the inhabitants of the underwater spaces. The flora and fauna of this place is amazing wealth of colors and shapes. In the water column person feels merge with nature, there is a forgotten many a sense of unity with it.  

Beauty of the underwater world reveals to man already at the smallest depth. Simply wander along the beach to find a sand cast ashore star or returned to their habitat jellyfish. Sea generously shares with its bank vegetation - not only algae, but also fancy colors.

It is necessary to go a little further - and have come across colorful and mischievous fish, dense flocks of dissecting bodies of water. The farther you move away from the coast, the more you open the secrets of marine life. Still remained unconquered tourists places where you can meet marine life, not frightening man. Them play can be observed in the vicinity.

But to really enjoy the beauty of the underwater world can be when scuba diving. Today, it's pretty easy to do, after all, on the most popular resorts, and more forlorn places it is possible to learn the art from scratch dive. Together with an experienced instructor you get down to the bottom where you can see even such dangerous sea life spaces like sharks.

At the bottom you expect amazing discoveries. Walking on the Sea garden, you will be able to look into the cave and explore their dark bowels. Impressed by what he saw, some people do not just start fanatically engaged dive, but transferred part of his life on the seabed. So, increasingly, water spaces begin to celebrate weddings, birthdays, New Year and other holidays.

This surreal world with its blurred boundaries has inexplicable attraction. The impression is that the more one tries to comprehend, the more it is masked, hidden. Water space to store huge amount of secrets, which are in no hurry to share with the person.

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