What Dreams May Come: Barcelona

What Dreams May Come: Barcelona
 Barcelona - a beautiful city on the Spanish coast. Its beauty is sung in blockbusters and musical works, it attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. If you are one of them, you need to know a few places required to visit in the city.
 Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain. It is recognized as the pearl of the coast, and each year attracts more and more people are seeking their own eyes to see the place where he worked Gaudi. If you have the opportunity to visit this city, do not miss it. There are several major attractions, not seeing that leave Barcelona just can not.

Perhaps the most famous street in Barcelona. The wide pedestrian walkway in the center and two traffic lanes for vehicles on either side are one of the busiest, especially in the high tourist season. Foreign visitors to Barcelona tend to walk on the Rambla to enjoy its atmosphere, take a look at the famous market, look at the presentation of the troubadours and purchase beautiful colors in one dozen stalls.

Park Guell
Once the area was a desolate place, which was a bit of vegetation and even fewer people. In the early twentieth century, the Comte de Güell bought the whole area of ​​Monte Pelada and decided to build it in a small town. Earl was truly in love with Gaudí, and therefore hastened to offer great architects to express themselves on the open spaces of the future town. Antonio Gaudi, who loved freedom, got her off. Count reinforced its unlimited funds, and the creator began his favorite cause. The result of cooperation Gaudi and Guell was the park, which is famous for its bizarre buildings, sculptures, and other content. Once there, tourists feel that they are in a fairy tale - a fantasy Gaudí at this point revealed in all its might.

Sagrada Familia, or the Sagrada Familia
Perhaps the most famous works of Antoni Gaudí, which is still unfinished. Construction started back in 1882, and such low rates are explained simply - all the money to build obtained exclusively by donations from fellow. It is usually voiced founder of the temple Josep Bokabelya is observed to this day. Gaudi created a truly bizarre construction plan, which is a mixture of Art Nouveau and Art Nouveau. As planned by the architect of the cathedral will be crowned eighteen towers, the central spire to be 170 meters high. This figure was not chosen by chance - she exactly one meter less than a mountain of Montjuic in Barcelona. Antonio said he did not want to exceed the creation of God. With the onset of the 21st century building momentum, but still being. This does not prevent millions of tourists come to him to enjoy the latest creation by Gaudi, which he gave as much as forty years of his life, to inspect finished his own facade and visit the museum inside.

In addition to these places, you should definitely visit the Picasso Museum, whose life was closely linked with Barcelona; Columbus Monument, built in honor of his return from the great vessels; Casa Mila, yet another bizarre Gaudí; a huge aquarium, where you will find yourself in the underwater life; open-air museum and many other attractions, which is simply impossible to enumerate.

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