USA: Adventures in the Wild West

USA: Adventures in the Wild West
 Someone America is associated with huge skyscrapers, someone with the legendary Hollywood, and someone in the first place, imagine wildlife and canyons, saloons and cowboys of the Wild West.
 It should be noted immediately that see the Wild West - this does not mean to make a trip to the trivial route: Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, Las Vegas (contrary to many tourist advertising firms). Travel the Wild West - this is the path which runs along the dusty roads of Wyoming or Arizona, where there is neither associated nor counter, and indeed no movement, but you can easily see antelope or deer.

Travel the Wild West - that means to visit the saloon in any town cowboys type Gordon in Nebraska. Where all visitors are well aware of each other, and the appearance of strangers makes them die, and the waitress coming your way, holding no menu and a glass of cold water with ice cubes to a stranger quenched his thirst after a hard hot road.

Has been a guest on a ranch in New Mexico or Montana - Ranch not to show tourists and real, where most cowboys no cell phone, no credit, no Internet, where the owners - rich people - working on a par with employees, not for days dismounting. You can go with them hot evening in the saloon to see local dances, listen to country music. Naturally, visit the rodeo, well if it is a local, small - not the rodeo where making money and doing the show, but a real sport, whose members were born and for which the cowboys game number one in America - not baseball or football.

Take a sip of beer foam in Deadwood Saloon in №10, the walls of which once upon a time was shot Wild Bill Hickok. Well, or drink whiskey in the saloon Tumbstoun city where Erpy brothers were regulars, and their friend Doc Holliday stripped naked visiting visitors, playing with them in poker.

Wild West - a meeting with the Indians, and those regulations that dance for the amusement of tourists in Las Vegas or near the Grand Canyon, and on the language of their ancestors, and mindful of the history of the genus elderly, residents of reservations Montana and South Dakota. Look at one of their events called "Pow Wow", which takes place in their reservations, where the Indians are going to not entertain the tourists, and to celebrate the event as celebrated their ancestors.

Look into the eyes of people noisily celebrated the victory of their fathers over the Seventh Cavalry General Custer, or weeping over the people shot at Wounded Knee. Stroll through the wet streets forgotten in time, people and God Scenic city. Get under a storm in a thousand winds blown prairie of South Dakota. At least from afar to hear the roll of rattlesnakes and pleasing on the highway in a traffic jam, arranged bison.

This will be a real journey through the Wild West. Alas, this is not the Wild West, which was 150-200 years ago, but, on the other hand, it is for the better - there is a guarantee that you will not lose your scalp. This trip you can arrange travel company, and it is better if you do take a rental car and go surf America without a plan, without a route, stopping at roadside motels liked that simply can not be booked in advance from Russia.

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