Portugal on the edge of Europe

Portugal on the edge of Europe
 In the mass of Russian tourists just frontiering Europe, this country is not as popular as France, Italy or Spain. However, the true connoisseurs of travel are advised to pay close attention to Portugal in the selection of the tour or the organization of independent travel.

"Warm Port" - that is translated from the Latin name of Portugal. In this country, located in the westernmost point of Europe, the Iberian Peninsula, turbulent past Portugal has long been a Spanish colony, participated in the liberation war, lived in a military dictatorship ... The political upheavals complements the natural: in the eighteenth century a prosperous empire was crushed A powerful earthquake coupled with a tsunami. However, a country that eventually became a republic, and recovered from this blow. Today, Portugal is booming again, thanks to the leading place in the world for the production of cork. Serious article provides income and tourism: every year most Western European country has more than twenty million tourists.

Among those who seek to Portugal, there is a separate category of people. They want to "look into the eyes of the ocean" to get to the very edge of Europe, for which extends all the way to South America majestic Atlantic. At Cape Roca, the westernmost point of Portugal, you can even get a small fee certificate certifying that the person has visited on the precipice of the continent. A Cape San Vicente, another border point with the ocean, known shestidesyatimetrovoy lighthouse, one of the biggest in Europe. Prior to his role of construction of signal lights for mariners to perform simple torches, which the monks were at the water, one after another, night after night. Today, in these memorable places are guided tours, with the obligatory mention of the legendary Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, paving the way from Europe to India.

But it is not only famous for its maritime history of this country. On land, too, is something to see: why many monuments of Portugal under the protection of UNESCO. Two of the most beautiful and most famous Portuguese city - Lisbon and Sintra - resemble jewelry box. They literally packed attractions, among them - Gothic Carmelite Monastery, the Moorish Castle, the Romanesque cathedral of the twelfth century and numerous palaces. In Sintra must for tourists and is the object of a tram line leading to the sea. Noteworthy is the fact that it still go vintage trams with centenary history.

Connoisseurs of distilled spirits in the interest of Portugal. This country - not only the birthplace of port, but also a manufacturer of Madeira, rum and unique green wine (Vinho Verde). If we add to delicious drinks seafood delicacies such as crab and lobster, veal or steam room, as well as the famous custard cakes, you can get a typical Portuguese dinner, which will be a delightful gastronomic memories for a lifetime.

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