Memo tourist: choose camping tent

Memo tourist: choose camping tent
 It is hard to imagine outdoor recreation within a few days of marching without such attributes as a tent. After all, it protects travelers from the vagaries of nature and preservation of things. And to march left only happy memories, it is necessary to choose the right travel gear.
 All hikers can be divided into two categories: those who do not like long stay in one place, and those who prefer to relax in a camp for a long time. It is for the second category have been developed comfortable tents, called camping. The main difference from other "camp houses" are the size, weight, there are several "rooms" and some other features that are worth paying attention to when choosing.

To close to nature feel comfortable, first determine the size of the camping tent, with the number of rooms and beds. It is important to take into account the number of tourists people, including children. It is desirable if the tent will be a few more beds. This can be useful in the future. For example, when you want to go to a big company of the sea in the midst of the summer holidays. In this case, you will not have trouble finding a place for a few small tourist "houses", all fit into one.

Look marking camping tents, do not be surprised that instead of a detailed description see an entry consisting of numbers and letters. For example, the abbreviation "190T PU 3000 mm". Where the Latin letter "T" is the density of the tissue, and the numbers in front of her - the thickness and strength of the material. "PU" - indicates the water resistance, expressed in millimeters of water column. Its optimal value for tent camping tents is 3000 mm, and the floor - 4000mm. Therefore, do not chase high water resistance. It is better to pay attention to the additional elements that can increase the level of comfort: transparent windows, curtains, large vestibule, extra pockets, etc.

Before you buy, inspect the tent, especially the joints. They must be well glued and stitched. Slovenly appearance, burrs on metal elements indicate a low quality of the goods, and you had better pay attention to the products of other manufacturers. Be sure to check the accessories, especially lightning, they should be well fastened and unfastened. It is from them will depend on the microclimate in the tent.

It is worth noting that some camping tents may have a wooden floor or even be without a bottom. All this, of course, will affect the price. So before you make a purchase, ask for feedback on camping tents from different manufacturers and find the outfit that suits you in all respects. The main thing that you feel comfortable and no vagaries of nature could not spoil the holiday.

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