In a country of castles and rain

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 Rocky shore, from which you can see the deep blue ocean real estate, golf, overgrown clover quatrefoil-grazed cows, and there are the ancient ruins of castles - here it is, a small country of Ireland. Every tourist going to the country, somewhere in the depths of your soul wants to find there is a small pot of gold, red-bearded carefully hidden Leprechaun.

Ireland - an amazing country. It is amazing for its numerous castles with ancient history, interesting country legends intertwine with a true story, the complete absence of poisonous snakes, incendiary Irish dances, beautiful lace, and wonderful at the same time, the severe nature. They say that in Ireland the most green grass in the world that has more than one hundred colors. "Emerald country" - so dubbed it the tourists, and not surprising, as the main attractions are still its natural wealth.

Rock of Cashel in County Tippereri is one of the most interesting sights of Ireland, because there are ancient kings were crowned Munster. On the rock of Cashel are the ruins of a huge cathedral and one of the greatest examples of Romanesque architecture - Cormac's Chapel.

Another attraction of Ireland - is the Ring of Kerry in the south-west coast. This is a relatively large peninsula with marvelous nature. With every turn of the road, you can see everything more exciting coastal and mountain panoramas.

Cliffs of Moher - one of the most remarkable coastal landmarks. They are named in honor of a military fort Mothar, destroyed during the Napoleonic wars to build a signal tower. The height of the cliffs - about 200 meters. Anyone who visits Ireland must see them, for good reason, millions of tourists climb the cliffs to admire the beautiful view that reveals from there. By the way, near the cliffs of Moher shot some scenes for the movie "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."

In England there are Stonehenge, Ireland - New Grange. English explorer Charles Vallenses called it "a cave of the Sun". For thousands of years to the present day in the heart of the mound in the dark comes light. In the shortest days of the year, the days of the winter solstice, through a small hole ray of sun penetrates the mound and the inner reaches of the room - the crypt in the form of a trefoil with niches, which are carved out of stone oval bowl. The sun's rays staying there for 15-20 minutes, picking out the dark altar stone with a triple helix. What was built this ancient megalith? For all the ancient peoples of the winter solstice was a sacred time battle with Dark Sun, the outcome of the battle depended beginning of a new year. New Grange - Sun Temple.

Ireland is famous for its castles, but to put it bluntly, a particularly prominent castles are not many - the majority were only ruins. It is worth to mention only a few - Blarney Castle and Bunratty. Blarney Castle - is an essential symbol of Irish heritage. Perhaps the most interesting in the castle - a legendary stone that sits on top of the tower. Legend has it that the king of Munster, Cormac McCarthy, sent his subjects to help Robert the Bruce at the Battle of Bannockburn.

In gratitude after the victory of Robert the Bruce gave McCarthy a half stone of Scone, on which, according to the old dowry crowned King of Scotland. The man kissed the stone, will be eloquent and successful, because it was considered a valuable gift of eloquence, who helped and in love, and in politics, and in the war, so the castle Blarney stone was mounted on a fair height. It is said that Queen Elizabeth was eager to get this lock, but in return she received only beautiful letters with flattery and flowery expressions.

Usually satisfied with the British Irish buildings, but Bunratty Castle was built by them. Bunratty - a real Irish castle. He was used throughout the centuries as the home of the English Kings. Now this castle held costumed medieval feasts.

Ireland, in the first place - it's beautiful nature and scenery, but do not forget about Irish dancing and lace.

Irish dancing - a gigantic positive energy. When you look at the column of people dancing, rhythm knock down, most want to rush into a dance. Also of interest is the unusual posture of dancers serving step. The dance is performed with a fixed upper part of the body on the toes legs. Hands in most cases, are not used. The main emphasis of dance - it's quick footwork.

The oldest Irish dance is considered Sen-Nos Celts, who lived in the British Isles since 2000 BC Irish dancing is considered one of the best in the world. They continue to gain more and more popularity and more and more fans. The most famous tap-dancers Michael Flatley considered. It is called the "King of Irish step." This dancer is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest tap dance performer in the world.

One of the most challenging and beautiful at the same time crochet techniques considered Irish lace. For a long time the Irish lace was home craft in the area of ​​Dublin and Belfast, but his fame and popularity expanded, and in 1900, it penetrates even to France and holds a dominant position among the other lace. The invention belongs to a certain Riego de Blankard - the daughter of Franco-Spanish nobleman and Irish. She came up with lace, which would be like Venice, but we would have a hook, which speeds up the production process. Now the Irish lace - a classic product that stubbornly resists all the vagaries of fashion.

Ireland - a fantastic place, and if you go there once, in this "Emerald country" will pull over and over again.

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