How to organize a cruise on the Volga

How to organize a cruise on the Volga
 Cruises on the Volga - an original way to travel to the home country. In this embodiment, there are plenty of recreation benefits. For example, do not have to stand in traffic jams, collect numerous documents to shake in a stuffy car, etc., you can easily make excursions to different cities, enjoying the beauty of the river.
 In Russia, many navigable rivers Volga and among them rightfully occupies a leading position. Travel on it especially popular are in the warmer months. In addition, it is not just a pastime, but also a great opportunity to visit the city with unique monuments of nature, history and culture, such as Uglich, Kazan, Novgorod, Yaroslavl and many others.

By the beginning of the navigation season (around May-June), most travel companies and shipping companies already formed cruise destinations. So you can safely go to the travel agencies and see what they have to offer. Do not opt ​​for the first option, consider others.

Before you book a tour, consider what the firm of you have visited before, caused great sympathy and trust. Ask friends opinion about these companies, read reviews about them on the Internet. And only then make a selection.

Ask excursion program offered by a travel agency at a pleasing route. It may be walking or bus tour with sightseeing (museums, parks, churches, etc.). If desired, always will be able to organize a holiday, after docking in the port city. After all, the Internet is a wealth of information about interesting places virtually every region of Russia.

Now you only have to choose the duration of the cruise and the ship on which you set out on a journey through the expanses of the river. There are limited only by your desire to financial resources. It is no secret that the price depends on the length of the route, from the comfortable cabins and services that are offered on the ship, some of which are not included, such as SPA salon on the ship "Mikhail Bulgakov" athletic trainers to "Sergei Yesenin", etc.

But no matter what route you would not choose which ship sailed not in any way get a lot of positive emotions and be able to take a fresh look at the Volga city.

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