Hot Tours: the truth about "free cheese"

Hot Tours: the truth about "free cheese"
 "Last minute" tour - a tourist trips, which are offered at a low price a few days before they start. Theoretically, such a maneuver should use operators which do not implement the provisions of the number of rounds for a certain period of time.
 Indeed, with the "burning" rounds may be lucky. You can get a great vacation at a resort of high class for little money, but, alas, not always. Often the term "World tour" tour operators put a slightly different meaning.

"Burning" deemed tours, whose prices have dropped by more than 20%. But not all travel agencies adhere to this rule and are usually sold under the guise of a trip "burning" (at 5-10% reduction in cost). Another scheme - an expensive tour sold under the guise of "burning" (this method is used when failure to plan for solid rounds threatens loss). Such travel is advisable to trade in large cities, where residents have incomes above the average, and will not save on vacation.

Sometimes travel agency organizes extra "burning" Tours to hide their organizational failures. A certain number of tourists had to stay with the appropriate level of service, but with the number of flights the company miscalculated. To sell tickets, travel agency announces the appearance of "burning" tourist trips. The worst part of this situation is that the tourist can be in a hotel with an insufficient level of service (not enough room, low quality service, etc.), that is not where it was supposed initially.

Travel industry is very dependent on the political situation in the country recreation, nature and various disasters. Reputable companies concerned about ensuring their profits early and often book the large number of beds in hotels, redeem tickets for a few months. To fulfill its obligations to preserve the reputation and money, the company has to organize a truly "burning" tour. In this case, the buyer can get exactly what he wants - holiday at the highest level at a discounted price.

To protect themselves from the risks when buying a "burning" tour, carefully read the contract concluded with a travel agency. All leisure facilities (number, date of departure, meals, compulsory service, etc.) must be registered there - sign the paper only in the full confidence that the error will not occur. Then your holiday will not be marred by problems and troubles.

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