When planning a vacation often there is a problem - again to go to the Turkish or Egyptian coast with full board or to try something different. If you attract undiscovered charms unbanal travel, then become acquainted with the environmental tourism.

One of the basic principles of ecotourism is minimal impact on the environment. Since travel pass in virtually untouched corners of the globe, they must remain as clean and after your visit.

As to where exactly you can go, you should pay attention to the national parks and reserves, which are located both inside the country and abroad. The Russian Federation is 41 National Park, as well as about the same amount of reserves.

To visit them you need to solve two problems, first, to get there. Often, national parks and reserves are located remotely from the big cities, so the path to them is no small obstacle. The second task - to get permission to visit the parks and reserves. It is worth noting that a visit to these places is paid, the majority of the money raised goes to the content of national parks and reserves.

In ecotourism have the opportunity to use the services of tour operators who, for a fee to help you with delivery to the place and permission to visit. Often the use of these services is justified because it is better to pay a certain amount, but to be in the right place in time, rather than go to the far edge of their means, and then long to wander in search of the necessary clearing or road.

Also with the help of travel companies should go to the eco-tourism abroad. Since there are often problems can arise with a separate visa to a specific country. Problems with travel and accommodation in an unfamiliar area is also better to pass on to specialists.

Among the most popular places of ecological tourism can be distinguished: Lake Baikal, Tsakhkadzor (Armenia), Lake Hanka (China). Also popular nature reserves and national parks Laos, Kenya, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal.

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