Canada: A Journey to the edge of the dinosaurs

Canada: A Journey to the edge of the dinosaurs
 Canada as a relatively young country of interest to tourists is not primarily for its historical monuments, and natural resources. For example, after the excavations there was found a large number of dinosaur skeletons, it will be interesting to see that both children and adults.
 In one of the regions of Canada, Alberta, is a unique nature reserve. He called Dinosaur Park and is 48 km from the town of Brooks. Park received its name because of the world's largest concentration of dinosaur skeletons in the territory of the region. There have been found more than 500. A number of skeletons stored in various paleontological museums in Canada and around the world, but much of the findings remained in the park.

Park began to be created in the 50's. In the 70s it became part of the UNESCO World Heritage because of its unique nature and paleontological finds.

On the territory of the nature reserve was built paleontological museum. There, visitors can see the remains of more than 30 species of dinosaurs. They belong to different epochs, but most of the dates from the Jurassic period - the heyday of the dinosaurs as a species. In addition, the exhibition can be seen recording the work of paleontologists with fossils, learn more about the geology of the region.

Particular attention of tourists attracted installed in the park sculptures of dinosaurs, the appearance of which has been reconstructed by scientists at the remains of ancient animals.

On the reserve is very beautiful nature. The terrain in this area is made up of hills and numerous ravines. They can see the ancient fossils, so, in fact, were found skeletons of dinosaurs.

The reserve will be interesting not only for lovers of antiquities. There you can go as a family. Children are happy to observe the life of different kinds of animals that live in the park. Here provides all the traditional American prairie fauna - coyotes, antelope, deer, rabbits.

You can go to the park to rent a car or on one of the buses extending from Brooks and Calgary. The path from the last town takes about 2, 5 hours. To see the whole park, take a whole day, so it is desirable to leave in the morning.

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