Why in the cold peel lips

 This problem is familiar to many. Hardly on the street cold, lips start to become covered with crusts, which then peel off and not hang aesthetic lohmushkami. What to do?

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In the cold all the moisture from the skin evaporates more rapidly, and because the skin is thinner on the lips, then manifests this process more visible. If you have a habit of licking his lips, the reason will be the usual peeling obvetrivanie.

Another thing, iflips constantly shelledBut more rapidly in the cold, and thereto are added itching and burning. "Then we can talk about the disease - Hale - says cosmetologist Olga Zabnenkova. -Cheilites are different, so be sure to find out the cause of your illness is. This will determine and treatment.

Among the causes of cheilitis can be stress, allergy to lipstick, allergic to the sun's rays, sudden changes in temperature, humidity, pressure, beriberi. To prevent chapping of the lips, it is recommended to protect their decorative or chapstick or creams.

Today, in any quality lipstick or lip gloss contains components that do not allowscaly lipsSoften and nourish the lips, as well as natural wax, which protects but does not dry the skin. But this treatment cheilitis no lipstick does not replace, but because of the visit to a dermatologist or cosmetologist can not be avoided. "

Elena Ivanova

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