Traveler's diarrhea. Not Another Teen surprise

 Needless to say, the journey is always a holiday! Especially if you go to another country, and even the first time. You want everyone to see, to touch with your hands, take a picture of all the sights, and of course, try the local cuisine.

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But now, less than a day, you came, still did not really have time, and your journey seems over. You are lying in a room, afraid to move further than 3 meters away from the exit door to the toilet. In addition, you tormented by the fear: you are in a foreign country, who to ask really do not know, but heard that diarrhea leading to dehydration, and from this, they say die! Do not worry, women's magazine JustLady not leave you in the hour)).

First of all, calm down and relax - you're not the only one. Virtually every person traveling abroad, while suffering fromtraveler's diarrhea. Blame for this kind of E. coli. Microorganism lives in your gut, no harm, it is even necessary for normal digestion. The thing is that your kind of E. coli is somewhat different from the "local", and when the latter gets into your body, the toxins, inhibiting the absorption of fluid. Thus, all that you drank and ate in liquid form, is not derived from your body.

In a less common causestraveler's diarrhea, Doctors call a long flight, fatigue, unusual food. But half the explanation is not at all.
You can try to avoid this unfortunate misunderstanding, adhering to certain rules.

1. For example, do not eat unpeeled fruits and vegetables, poorly cooked meat, raw lobste6rov, crabs and other marine life with shell. You will be surprised, but sometimes someone else's kitchen can be quite exotic.

2. The water is better to drink soda, bottled juices and beverages, preferably acidic.

3. to observe the rules of hygiene. Even if the utensils that you're going to use, at first glance clean, still thoroughly wash it with purified water. The easiest way - a five-minute boiling. Put it in a bag stock iodine or iodine tablets - with their help, too, can be cleaned with water suspicious.

4. Before traveling purposefully try to drink more milk beverages. Healthy intestinal microflora - a pledge that "local" kind of bacteria will not cause you any harm.

Bear in mind that even if you prepare in this way, an absolute guarantee can not be here.

The most important thing in the case of intestinal disorders - to prevent dehydration. You should drink as much as possible. Best suited special solutions, we have produced, for example Regidron.
Actually something like this you can prepare itself. Simply mix the sugar (1 tbsp. L.), Salt (1 teaspoon) baking soda (0, 5 tsp) and add a liter of purified water. This mixture not only makes up for lack of fluid, but also provide the body with electrolytes, which he loses in case of diarrhea.

Drink, of course, delicious not name. If you drink it quite disgusting to try another recipe.
Take a glass of juice, add half a teaspoon of sugar (you can honey) and a little salt. In another beaker kindle a quarter teaspoon of baking soda and purified water. Drink alternately from both glasses, changing them after a couple of sips.

If you can neither buy nor cook anything like that, choose natural fruit juices, weak sweet tea, drinks without caffeine content.
Until your condition is not returned to normal try not to eat solid foods and dairy products.
But blueberries, bananas, rice (rice water) and other products, has an astringent effect, you will certainly help.

Of the drugs you help out loperamide or Immodium. Just do not get carried away by them - you follow the instructions, otherwise nazhivesh inverse problem.
In general, doctors recommend not to take strong action against traveler's diarrheaIf you normally hold water. Cementing drugs stop the process, but do not kill the microbe, which in this case did not have a chance to leave your body.

Traveler's diarrhea. Not Another Teen surprise

Diarrhea, treatment of traditional methods

Ethnoscience advises to prepare for trouble ahead and take along for the ride are some natural remedies.
You will be a good helper oak bark, root blackberries, plantain, sage, chamomile. Brew and drink it as tea.
Almost everywhere you can find an excellent and easily accessible means of how to peel apples. They say a decoction of her great help in traveler's diarrhea.

In the normal course, the disease itself must pass through a couple of days. If, despite all the measures taken, you is not getting better, it is necessary to consult a doctor for sure your insurance covers emergency care. The doctor will also be able to prescribe you antibiotics for faster relief.

If your trouble is added to nausea, vomiting, suspicious stool color - to the doctor immediately! In addition colitis and appendicitis, which can cause similar symptoms, there are also plenty of parasitic infections, which should be treated only by a doctor and, and, as soon as possible.

Alexander Panyutin
 Women's magazine JustLady

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