Seborrhea - a disease of the skin, which is accompanied by disruption of the secretory function of the sebaceous glands, changes in the chemical composition of sebum. Seborrhea is usually caused by hormonal failures, most often - at puberty or in children. The most common disease in young people aged 12 to 24 years. In addition to the above reasons - hormonal disorders, seborrhea can cause malfunction of the nervous system, for example, vegetative dystonia.

At present, there are several types of seborrhea: dry, oily and mixed.

Dry seborrhea is not as common as fat. It usually affects the scalp and beard, mustache, eyebrows, eyelashes. Dandruff appears, due to which hair get "powdery" look, the tips of the hair to become brittle.

Skin looks dry, luschitsya very sensitive to cosmetics, and after washing with plain soap felt uncomfortable contraction. Due to blockage of the glands may appear acne.

Oily seborrhea appears on the forehead, chin, nose wings, the scalp. External signs of seborrhea immediately noticeable: the affected areas if lubricated with a light oil, hair is oily and shiny, salted literally on the second day after shampooing. In addition, strongly scratched scalp hair loss begins. Sometimes barely noticeable, but in severe cases it is possible and baldness.

Mixed seborrhea - A combination of the two types of the disease.

Cause or worsen seborrhea can be several factors: abnormalities in the gastrointestinal tract, hormonal disorders, thyroid disease, presence of chronic infectious diseases, hypovitaminosis, as well as acute or salty foods, overreliance sweet, ignoring the rules of personal hygiene, which leads to contamination of the skin deep.

But, fortunately, seborrhea, can be cured, under the supervision of a dermatologist. Generally, treatment is simple.

To normalize the activity of the autonomic nervous system function recommend calcium supplements, bromkamfora, Belloidum, Bellaspon, tranquilizers. It is necessary to normalize and the gastrointestinal tract. To do this, take panzinorm forte, Vigeratin, lipobolit, holenzim assigned a diet devoid of gross fat, limited carbohydrates, salt, foods with cholesterol.

Welcome vegetarian diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, salad with vegetable oil.

Do not forget about the need for treatment of chronic diseases. Are also important restorative physical training, walking outdoors, restful sleep.

Serious condition oily seborrhea treat using female hormones and their analogs.

Once the acute condition normalized, use rubbing alcohol-based solutions with tincture of valerian, tannin, resorcinol, salicylic and boric acid.

Significant advances in the treatment of seborrhea in women can be achievedUsing external means, containing estrogen - the female sex hormones. These preparations should start to apply 2 days after the end of menstruation and stop a week before the beginning of the new.

In the topical treatment of dry oily skin wiping using a 1% aqueous solution of hydrochloric or acetic acid, sodium tetraborate and sodium bicarbonate, 70% alcoholic solution of salicylic, boric, citric acid, and lubrication kolochenymi suspensions containing sulfur, ichthyol.

Next exfoliating prescribed drugs that contribute to the separation of comedones. When dry seborrhea can use creams c vitamins A, E, F, herbal, and furatsilinom, sulfur, boric acid.

Normalize the condition of hair help specialized shampoos. For example, dandruff shampoo "Seborin."

When mixed form above the external seborrhea combined drugs, various ointments and alcohol solutions. Provides temporary relief rubbing naftalannoy jaws with alcohol and drugs that contain Soultz.

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