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 It is sad, but we have to admit that for some time in our everyday life, the notion of Office of the disease. About them talking at once, although the existence of occupational diseases has long been known. It is one thing when it comes to the people of physical labor or those who work in hazardous industries - everything here is obvious. And the office of illness, alas, are obvious. However, the fact they are insidious.  

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Currently, doctors have concluded that at least 35% of office workers suffer from various manifestations of a particular office of the disease. To effectively carry out prevention, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the causes.


Reflecting on that in the offices so detrimental effect on health, unfortunately, come to the sad conclusion: "Yes, everything!"

The biggest harm causedsedentary nature of the work. For human body as a whole. The lack of movement leads to stagnation in all organs and systems. No wonder they say: "The movement - that's life!" So, the lack of movement - you know ... It would seem that one reason enough to present as a result of the disease may occur. But, unfortunately, only one of the reasons.

There is such attack asaccumulation of dust in the air. In this sense, the office is a good dust collector. Indeed, despite the computerization, printed documents has not been canceled. Plus all the equipment working in the office -the source of the noise, radiation, air overheating. Another important negative factor - 8 hours of hardpeering into the monitor. It is similar troublesstatic brush when working with a mouse. Yes, and in itselfstatic posture while sitting at the computer little use - overstrained muscles of the back, neck, shoulders, disturbed blood flow to the head, feet numb.

Another office - is a space devoid of intimacy with nature. It all inanimate -artificial lighting, artificial airFilled with operating office equipment, air conditioners, heat registers. A loss of connection with nature directly affects the low immunity.

And finally, the psychological aspect is also not ideal office environment. What good can givebusy schedule, Abraham, long day? Not comfortablepresence in a closed room a lot of people sitting across from each other colleagues, calling the office Visitors. This causes the end of the day only irritation and fatigue.


Despite the specificity of all these reasons, it is necessary to understand that the office of the disease - this is not some special diseases. Under this concept should be understood not uncommon diseases, and that the reason for their appearance - office work.

The most typical office diseases include:

• the part of the endocrine system: obesity, disorders of the thyroid gland;
• from the muscles and joints: lack of exercise, arthritis syndrome "tunnel carpal tunnel";
• the part of the respiratory system: rhinitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis;
• From the side of view: almost all possible visual defects;
• the part of the cardiovascular system: heart attack, stroke, thrombosis of extremities;
• the part of the nervous system: headaches, nervous disorders, insomnia, various phobias, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression.

With this classification shows how serious health problems can occur if you do not attach importance to the negative impacts that may result from any work in any office.

Methods of prevention

Speaking about methods of prevention is very important to understand that we can not do half measures. Health approach must be comprehensive. In fact, it is necessary to change their lifestyle. Otherwise, do not make the body protected from what you can not eliminate from your life.

1.General methods

Think about your diet food. Be sure to balance the it. Take care that you have used enough of fruits and vegetables - this is usually what most often overlooked. Well, as to achieve an ideal power still extremely difficult, be sure to use vitamins, alternating intake of vitamin C, multivitamins and tinctures Chinese magnolia vine, echinacea, ginseng.

More free time, try to spend outdoors. Enter tradition weekend ride with friends over the city. Moreover, not only in spring and summer, when warm and dry. Like such a trip and fall, and winter. Do not get tempered, if not send your body in uncomfortable conditions. But most importantly - learn to benefit from this hardening incredible thrill. Your attitude all the positive effect is enhanced.

As a restorative measure choose swimming or running. Helpful and walking, but at least 2 hours a day. They can be combined with the need to get to and from work. Constant exercise overall plan is required for many reasons - as opposed to mental stress, sedentary and nervous exhaustion.

Naturally, after exercise you will need water treatment. And here it is possible to the traditional "cleanse the body" to add a douche, douche, walking on ice water, relaxing baths.

2.Production methods

Ironically, may now sound, but undeservedly forgotten industrial gymnastics - extremely helpful. And even despite the fact that it is not a mass phenomenon, do not neglect this simple recommendation.

First of all, every half hour quite consciously change the position of the body. Without getting up from a chair, knead the torso - can move his shoulders, body, draw and crane your neck, spinning in a chair holding hands on the table top. Train yourself not to put his feet on the floor and on a special shelf under the table. It would be better, of course, the American periodically throw them on the table, lean back in a chair, throw his hands behind his head sagely and stare at the ceiling. This, alas, too - I understand. But just to stretch at least from time to time because you can? This is well within the acceptable under our conditions!

For the eyes very well to exercise "Sharpness" - your opinion in the Middle, then on distant objects. And as an overvoltage prevention - spend some time with his eyes closed. Can be in a position to make a circular rotating eyeballs it clockwise, then against.

And can not do without during the working day often move. The French, for example, work in the office under the motto "more things on my feet." At every opportunity - get up to stand. Not afraid to run somewhere once again. And a special leave on several occasions from the office for a couple of minutes to run the stairs up and down.

If possible, be sure to plan a break out of the office. Your legal hour of rest is better to use, running to the nearest cafe, than to dine at the buffet in the same building. It's you and jogging and fresh air and a change of scenery.

Any disease, as we know, it is easier to prevent than to treat. That is why so much emphasis on prevention. Only, I think, do not relate strictly to preventing a medical point of view as a system of measures to prevent a specific disease. Does not emphasize on the disease in general. Think prevention simply as a healthy lifestyle.

 Author: Julia Detochkin
Women's magazine JustLady

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