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 One of the main means of nail care - manicure. This is to give them a beautiful shape, delete (or move aside) strips of skin (cuticle) surrounding the nails, and in most cases, cover them with lacquer.

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Manicure instruments and hands before treating nails should be thoroughly washed with warm water and soap. The only way to avoid the entry of infection, as microdamages arising when processing nails may become a gateway for its penetration into the body. It is also necessary after removal of the skin around the nail strip to wipe a place of a 3% hydrogen peroxide, and the resulting damages immediately lubricate iodine.

Nails are cut at least once in two weeks, giving them an almond or oval shape. Leave long nails should not be - they break easily. Nicely, when the free edge of the nail stands at 3-4 mm. If you cut your nails short, their shape changes, they look wider fingers seem shorter and thicker.

Cutting the nails, be sure to smooth the sharp (scarring) edges special nail file. Move it easily, without pressure, only towards the middle, trying not to grind down the smooth surface of the nail.File nails should be in the same direction - so they will not be cleaved.

The length of the nails on both hands must be the same - the impression of inconsistency untidiness. Skin roller surrounding the nail, sometimes grows almost half of it. This is unhygienic and ugly. In this case, the hand must hold for 5-10 minutes in warm soapy water, wipe gently nourishing cream and a special spatula (it is in every manicure sets) gently push the cushion down to nail free "breathe" better looking.

Every day, remove from the dirt under the nails with a wooden or ivory sticks, at the end of which is wound a thin layer of cotton wool soaked in soapy water. You can also use a special brush. If to be a dirty job, for example, to the ground, it is advisable to rub the nails on a wet bar of soap, and then washed to remove the excess with a cloth or cotton swab. At the end of soap under the nails wash out.

Now sold many different saws polish, including for their grinding and polishing. Nail file with a rough-coated, for grinding, can be used only in two cases. Firstly, if the nail plate - not smooth, and in longitudinal and transverse grooves. Second, if after poor nail pigmentation appeared. However, even if this procedure is not done more often than once every six months, when the plate is completely changed. Otherwise nail thinned.

How, then, to achieve shine? If you are not satisfied with the result, which can be achieved by polishing nail files, you should use a special gel or oil. Means uniformly applied to the nail before polishing. Gloss will increase by several times! This procedure can afford every 7-10 days.

Metal sawing now out of fashion. Today, more forgiving relevant sawing with rubberized base or springy soft plastic and a special coating on top. Depending on the density of the nail plate and nail file you need to choose a specific coating. Sawing motion should be sent necessarily in one direction - from the periphery to the center, or in a straight line. If the nail file to move back and forth, the nails will start to exfoliate.

Yet our efforts and concerns may be lost in vain, then if we use low-quality cosmetics to nails. First of all nail polish remover should not contain acetone. And the nail should prefer not containing this substance. However, even in this case, you must use protective agent - the foundation under the nail. Especially if you choose a color, like black, green, or blue: dyes can give pigmentation. But the basis not only protects nails from chemical attack, it also strengthens the nail plate. And the nail in that case lasts longer and retains its shape better. Well, if zasloilis nails, you can only use for the prevention of the foundation, putting on for some time lacquer.

By The Way,it is impossible to nail constantly under a layer of varnish. It is generally believed that at night they have to breathe, so ideally varnish should be applied and removed every day. Unfortunately, this is unreal. Few women can afford to spend so much time on a daily basis on the nails. Then take it a rule: give your nails a two-day break at least every five days.

What manicure now in vogue?

Today, popular European style, ie the nail plate rectangular shape. But if a woman has a broad hand and short fingers, the "boxes" will only further shorten the brush. So, of course, the choice should be individualized.

As for the colors, the fashion color is constantly changing. Autumn is considered extremely important dark color and the color of ripe berries. And the winter is offered pearl of different colors: pink, beige, steel.

By the way, pearl lacquer is recommended to apply two coats, as any other, regardless of color - in three. Also very fashionable effect foil and decorative painting: on one nail plate can be several colors. Those who prefer the avant-garde style, can make use of decals that are applied to the nail. Popular nowadays and rhinestones - small shiny pebbles. Of course, on all fingers, they will look vulgar, but one - quite original and even juicy.

But here's the French cover for each day, perhaps, ideal women of all ages and lifestyles. Basic color - matte pink, close to the natural color of the plate. The free part of the nail varnish is applied whitening. Top - fixer.Effect - stunning!

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