Traps for the apostate

Traps for the apostate
 Some women, getting married, firmly believe: their loved ones never have changed! Unfortunately, in real life is not so rosy. Woman sooner or later begin to experience painful doubts: if they do not change their husbands? It seems there is no direct evidence, but the thought that she had a rival, literally drives his wife crazy, deprives the rest. So how do you test your suspicions and catch "treacherous apostate" if they are, alas, true?
 A lot of ways, ranging from relatively simple and harmless to the technically complex and sometimes illegal.

A woman should know that the family man is not inclined to sudden, for no apparent reason, to change established habits, hobbies, stereotypes. For example, the wife had to literally fight with her husband, so he put on a fresh shirt and work at least occasionally cleaning his shoes. And now it as a substitute. Himself without reminders nadraivat shoes to shine, long sticks in front of the mirror, checking whether a neat knot in his tie, even began to regularly use cologne? Alas, most of all, he wants to look like a winner in the eyes of someone outside the home.

Or many entreaties of his wife, that we ought to do exercise, to remove the "beer belly", were similar to the same "voice of one crying in the wilderness." And then all of a sudden my husband started going to the gym or the pool, and even at home "shakes" the press? Reason to guard.

Well, if it is regularly delayed at work, and after coming from it smells distinctly alien spirits.

You can, waving his hand to the pride and self-esteem, furtively checking his e-mail on your computer and phone. You can stoop to spying, or yourself, or with the help of a private detective hired, or even connect to this business girlfriends. Unless, of course, my wife is afraid that soon at all angles will be interested to discuss whether the husband was unfaithful or is it just "Babskii nonsense."

In the end, now the third millennium, and scientific and technological progress provides rich opportunities to catch! There are all kinds of GPS-navigators, so small that they can be placed in the things the husband without his noticing it. There are mobile phones with built-in spyware. You can also install listening devices in the office and home phones.

But, firstly, it falls under the definite article of the Criminal Code.

And, secondly, it must be my wife? After all, if it turns out that her husband was faithful to her, she would look in his own eyes, to put it mildly, not very dignified. And if cheating is confirmed? Many women then sadly exclaim: "I wish I did not know anything! ".

So maybe try to behave so that her husband did not have even thought about another woman?

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