Love sports and payment

Love sports and payment
 How difficult it is sometimes to discern and understand what is at the forefront of your personal relationship that is more important for you and your chosen one. How often you're wrong when you select and how often disappointed in men, because they did not meet your expectations and aspirations. To understand what really wants from you man, always difficult, and effective tips on this issue no. But it does not prevent understanding these three terms, very close adjacent to each other.

When a man loves you, you feel it every second, no matter near it now or not. Love, though an abstract concept, and everyone loves in his own way, but there are common features in it. Loving man trying to make you happy and almost never thinks about his own happiness and well-being. He's just enjoying every moment spent with you, wants to live and be with you to solve your problems and help throughout. Caring, understanding, respect - that's what love is.

Sports attitude, on the contrary, caused some interest, passion, often sexual. The desire to be always in the spotlight, self-affirmation at the expense of others, selfishness - clear signs of sport. Typically, such a relationship of short duration, namely, as long as all interests are satisfied. Once a man reaches his goals, interest is lost, and the relationship ends. Well, when the interest was mutual, and if not, it will always be very sad for one of the parties to such relations.

Calculation. The most cynical and unreasonable phenomenon in the relationship, which only can be. Many say that there is nothing wrong if everything correctly calculated. But this is not true. For any payment sooner or later have to pay. Typically, in such a rational union uses one another. The calculation is most often the material. When a man lives with you on the calculation, you, too, over time it will feel. Indifference, distance and coldness in fact impossible not to notice, much less to hide.

Not always possible to distinguish clearly between these concepts and immediately determine who is who. Sometimes it may take for years. And it so happens that the calculation or sporting relations eventually turn into love. But be that as it may, if you met or feel love, take care of it and do not let go. This is the most precious feeling that only a person can experience. Remember that without love everything in this life is meaningless.

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