Fear of failure

Fear of failure
 How many times have you refused conceived only because they were afraid of failure. Of course, because if we do nothing, there will be no disappointments. But if something really want, do not give up the dream, overcome these fears and move on. Without the risk, you will not know the taste of victory.  

Almost all people afraid of failure, and those who prove to you that are confident in their abilities are likely to convince not only you but yourself. Society does not like losers, shy away from them as from Plagued, so everyone is trying to prove their worth. But all just words, but deeds to prove, of course, a little scary.

This fear of the unknown is formed in childhood, when being afraid to fail and be ridiculed among peers, you give yourself to try something new. This little fear just anywhere and not gone with age, he always went after you, and over the years became more and more. But mistakes are forgivable children and an adult must anticipate everything, or almost everything.

Sometimes it scares not a failure, but rather, luck. What will you do if you could do it? Can match the new status, a new image, title, company, etc. Or do you fear that you will increase the requirements that you certainly can not afford? Thoughts on how events will develop further inspire many people to worry and fear "from scratch." It is the fear that you will not be able to continue to monitor the situation themselves, and everyone will see that you're really just a "bubble". And fear not receive recognition in the new environment and paralyze do not give confidence to proceed.

All these fears need to learn to overcome. To realize that people have a right to make mistakes, and be successful, always and everywhere, no one can. Just need to find something different. And who is looking for, he always finds. One, two failures - this should not stop. Ask people who have achieved something in life, how many failures on their account. Very rarely, there is a man who has all happened at once, which is known in advance, will do what and how to go to success. As a rule, on the way to victory you will find a lot of mistakes and "stuffed cones", and in this game to win only one who dares to overcome fears and to suffer all these lesions to become stronger. Aim for the realization of his dream. Society loves winners.

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