Dangerous places for sex

Dangerous places for sex
 Diversify their intimate life is pretty simple: you can only change the place where you are constantly making love. You are guaranteed new sensations and pleasant memories. However, it should be remembered that in some places, having sex in bodily injury or illness.

Get injured during sex is not so difficult: too violent lovemaking can lead to sprains, bruises and falls. However, there are many places where the risk increases several times.
Risk may be due to the fact that the place is not intended in principle to sit on it or lay two adults. Kitchen table, windowsill, washing machine, chair, sink - within the limited space of an apartment in the course are any horizontal surface. However, the furniture can not withstand the onslaught of your passion and break down at the worst possible moment.

Sex outside the home - an idea that very often comes in love regardless of the length of their relationship. Some ingenuity, you can only envy. Car, forest, public toilet, attic, porch - any of these places will add spice to your love life, but it is not safe. On most of these unsanitary places you can not even mention, and this is not the main danger. You can see the passers-by, and nothing good your adventure is over. But the past can take place and young children.

The absolute leader in the degree of danger is the beach. Ironically, it is connected with this place hundreds of erotic scenes. Of course, the warm sand, cool waves, the general relaxed atmosphere and a lot of half-naked bodies adjust to the romantic mood. However, just sex on the beach - not the best idea. Make love on the sand, at least, uncomfortable. About the intimate hygiene in this case, you can forget: as we know, in the sand contains many parasites, which can easily penetrate into your body. And finally, the grains of sand trapped inside during sex, will bring a lot of unpleasant sensations for both partners.

Sex in a clean calm water is less dangerous. In addition, you can do it gently in front of strangers, and likely no one will guess what. However, sea water can cause irritation. In addition, it will wash away all the natural lubrication, which is also fraught with unpleasant sensations.

However, from some extreme sex is not worth it to give up. Surely new places will give you a previously unknown sensations and will be remembered for a long time. Only need to maintain a balance between the desire for novelty and common sense.

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