Who met on the net?

Who met on the net?
 In recent years, online dating is becoming more and more popular. Many people think this method of communication is better than the real one. A person with any complexes much easier to find interlocutors and go to the nearest communication is the Internet. Most likely, many remember the moment when, during the first dialogue to say too much, inappropriate phrase. But in the virtual correspondence of any answer can think that is a big plus in the dialogue.

Today's Internet is full of dating sites and other virtual "obschalkami." Most users are actively using all of these benefits, someone just for the fact that to be closer to distant relatives and friends, and someone sits for hours at the computer in search of new acquaintances. But, as in any communication in the virtual has some rules that should be followed:

1. The first thing you see in a social network - photo. Therefore, even it should be possible to disclose the nature. Of course, the image should be allocated the best facial features, figure. Naturally, the owner will receive more attention with fun photos. After smiling people call a good impression and seem more friendly. Ideally, photos should be of high quality, made by a professional.

2. Fill in the application form, specify the actual data. If there is information that is not worth it to know the other person better "silent" than lie. Perhaps in the future relationship will be very close. So why start with their lies?

3. It should not be at the first correspondence to talk about intimate, problems at work and in previous romantic relationships.

4. If the communication appear any discrepancies, it is necessary to find out the cause. Perhaps this kind of accident or misunderstanding. But the reason may be lack of seriousness interlocutor who takes correspondence as another adventure.

5. After writing letters to verify its contents (there are no typos and errors). It is not necessary to ask questions at the beginning of the communication, personal life and financial situation. In general, to begin to use lighter topic of conversation, more fun.

6. Do not forget that disappointment we first met in the network should not be a barrier to communicating with others on the site.

As practice shows, virtual dating justify themselves. Many of them are beginning a happy life together.

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