When the third is not superfluous

When the third is not superfluous
 When creating a family wish to live happily gives way to the point of living for a loved one. With the advent of another man married life changing. It is in the circle of his family kid gets first knowledge of the world, studying the relationship between people, generates its own character. If parents have a problem, it is, first and foremost, will affect the child. In no case did not suspend themselves from your baby, despite the rift in the family. Child, first of all, needs your affection and protection.

Some people believe that children should not interfere in the relationship of parents. Of course, this is true. But parents should not forget about their children when it comes to divorce. Baby, like a sponge, absorbing everything he sees around, and most importantly - feels. Do not think that it is too small for the understanding of the family situation. At an early age he was keenly senses your mood.

What mistakes you should avoid in order not to hurt the child's mind:
do not ignore questions of your child, otherwise he will feel rejected and useless. This will entail a lot of complexes and trouble in the future.

In no case do not set the child against each other and not be fooled by the baby. Do not tell him that my father, for example, went somewhere and will come back later. Do not maintain the illusion of a family that no longer exists. Explain that adults sometimes make mistakes and need to be corrected. They cease to love each other, and the family must be present love. From what you are separating, you will not love your baby is less. Say what you will, as before, to respect each other and give thanks for all the good things in your life.

If you accuse her husband in the presence of a child, you will be able to undermine the authority of his father, whom your child loves. Do not show sarcasm when talking about your ex-spouse, or with respect to his gifts. Try not to discuss with their friends new life to the child's father. All this can have a negative impact on relationships and baby daddy.

Do not assume that your child is going through as much as you. For children, a divorce - it is always stressful. Thinking about their experiences, do not be selfish and think about how to make your divorce the most painful for the child.

When a child grows up, he, of course, understand everything, but it is still fragile psyche needs your support. For the baby Mom and Dad - the most valuable, so keep well for life in him this love of both parents.

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