What is treason

What is treason
 Adultery, as though it is sad sounds, there is a long time, and faced with this problem a lot of people. Treason sometimes breaks even the strongest couples and to understand the reasons is difficult.
 You can not change and provide virtually impossible to insure against this scourge, which regularly destroys couples. None of you know where and when it happens. But every man, unmarried, however, does not want to think about it and afraid of it. To define what exactly is actually quite difficult to treason.

According to statistics, most adultery occurs while intoxicated. A large number of people who find themselves in this situation, then feels far from satisfaction and sense of remorse, shame, and sometimes incredible fear. It should be remembered that people officially married and do not allow such contact, sometimes have similar thoughts and dreams to carry them out.

Adultery - it adultery or consensual sexual relationship between a person, consisting at that time married to someone other than his wife (or husband). Treason is a change in their own habits in sexual relations, when people want to change the partner for a moment and experience new sensations. At the same time there is a choice: get the desired pleasure, or indulge in this vicious pleasure.

Most often it happens that the husband, changing once his wife forgets about his campaigns and returned with peace of mind to the family. The question arises: whether it changed? Yes, but only to their own responsibility, respect for oneself and the ability to indulge in this one-time pleasure.

Sometimes, not always, and not everyone is able to forgive infidelity, it is simply not enough mental strength. When they finally runs out, the spouse can break out of these vicious and unhappy relationships. But by the time she will grow old and cease to be a success in men. A feeling of disgust at the one who changed, is an integral part of a love triangle.

So, what to do in case of adultery and how to deal with it - should decide each their own. If you can not forgive someone and not constantly remind him of it, you have enough power to survive such a betrayal, and you feel that it would not otherwise normal relations - all tear on the vine, you just can not live with that person. You will constantly pursue such thoughts, suspicion and aversion to his wife.

If you realize that you live without this person is not possible and despite not sincere disgust able to forgive him, try to start with a clean slate and change perspective on family relationships, you have one option - to forgive and move on with this person .

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