What if all stare at you

What if all stare at you
 The fair sex, endowed with good looks, natural charm, able to attract people by their behavior or image are often subject to a comprehensive male attention. How to behave, if you know what you admire most and tend to meet you or to build collaborative relationships?
 Beauty for each girl - is not only a nice gift of fate, but the ordeal. After all beauties are often the object of envy female or one of the sides of a love triangle. In addition, some beauty can not know love happiness, staying alone is due to its sverhprivlekatelnoy appearance.

If you realize that you all stare, behave simply and naturally. Communicate with other people as much as possible democratic, tactfully and sensitively. Love your environment and a sincere interest in the thoughts and feelings of others. Do not allow yourself to look at people from the top down. In no case did not oppose themselves to other women, do not compare yourself to them. You must be aware that not help you to achieve the beauty of female happiness, wealth, prosperity, realization.

Do not use their external data in the name of self-interest. Be sure to comprehend and improve their inner beauty, as well as communication and intellectual abilities. In relations with men do not be capricious and demanding, selfish suppress the manifestations. Choosing a single young man from the crowd of fans, listen only to their own inner feelings. Think with your head and feel your heart, but never build your privacy in accordance with the advice and opinions of relatives or acquaintances.

Dress and paint tasteful, but avoid bright, flashy colors and overly sexy outfits. Strive for maximum naturalness in everything. Do not focus on yourself and be sure to make friends with other representatives of the weaker sex, because loyal friend will share with you not only the joy of victory and the bitterness but disappointment.

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