What are afraid of men? Women!

What are afraid of men? Women!
 How often do we meet girls, beautiful and intelligent, whose personal life for some reason does not add up. It would seem, from the fans should not be rebound, because this girl! But no, she is much more lonely than that as it may seem, talent and beauty does not shine. And, despite the fact that men say that beauty and intelligence of this lonely girl unquestionable, yet they are in no hurry to get acquainted. How do they explain it? Very simply, in their opinion, too much chance of running into a failure.

Surprisingly, it turned out that beautiful women men much less suitable because subconsciously feel that they are unworthy of them, so they choose women "easier." Every man in his thoughts wins the hearts of the most beautiful and intelligent of the fairer sex, but in reality he is afraid to take the initiative with a girl, perhaps even your dreams, because I am sure that she has someone is, or thinks she is and do not look in his direction.

With intelligent women even more difficult. How to approach her, if not enough that she probably a hundred or two suitors, so it also may ridicule or taunt. Such humiliation will be very difficult to survive. If a girl to look at this impregnable, and looks so good, then surely needs her insane.

Often the fear is based on the last event recorded. If a woman, not even the most beautiful and intelligent, in its opinion, refused once, did not meet or did not want to go out with him, the wound will long remain sensitive to the male ego. Although it is not in fact whether someone came up with another "bar" or that the heart, as you know, Lawless. What would be an ideal candidate did not seek attention girl if she did not like, and she refuses, then the soul of a man can stay on the trail of wounded pride.

Beautiful women can advise only one thing: in any case not to worry and not to worry about the fact that you are too attractive. There is always someone who will appreciate you for dignity, will be able to see the lovely looks no less remarkable soul and mind.

It should be remembered that too showy beauty, if you're still dressed provocatively, can attract people to you, which is important, first of all, your appearance. It may happen that they will not set too seriously, so the relationship with them should not count.

Try to go where you think you will be able to meet exactly the person you want. This can be any clubs, public places, libraries and museums, parties and cocktails, scientific forums - anything, as long as you can find there "his" man.

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