Unfinished Novel

Unfinished Novel
 Any love story, like a good story, is its development and culmination. But according to the law of the genre, every novel should have and its logical conclusion, so as not to lose all its charm and value of experience.

It is known that not every novel leads lovers to the altar, but in the life of any person may be more or less important love relationship. And not to draw them into the collapse of hope, resentment or hostility, they should finish with the greatest tact, respect and gratitude for each unchanged spent a happy day together. And then the memories will become at least a little sad, but always good, nice and light, warm the soul and his own ego.

But at the same time, unfinished novel - is always an internal conflict, doubt and anxiety, fear and mistrust, and with them and other mixed feelings that accompany a person who is at a crossroads. After all, if the relationship is not reached its logical conclusion, this means that one of the parties to continue to hope for a sequel, which in itself is a fraud hopes.

If romance is not really over, but some of the partners already has a new relationship, it is highly unethical, as is likely, the old relations continue to be based on the same deception. And it is absolutely incredible, but it can be a real situation in which both partners are new connections, but not old relationships crumble only by virtue of their mutual pleasures.

But still there are novels, which seems to complete an unprecedented blasphemy, even if they are hopeless and can never lead to a strong family relationships due to a variety of life reasons. After all, even today there are love stories worthy of the pen classics. They are full of sincere love and respect, and every hour spent together even more valuable because of the inability to continue.

Abort invisible, but so strong bond of kindred spirits would infinitely sorry, but sensible thoughts about the future would not allow the feeling to prevail over reason. Such an unfinished novel, not interrupted, but have stood on a high note - the poetry of true love, love in its purest form, without any mixture of pragmatism current reality and cargo commitments.

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