Treason. Part or forgive?

Treason. Part or forgive?
 Unfortunately, can bring every woman (and men too). How would a person not want to believe that it will never happen, you can not exactly be sure that it will be so. Meanwhile, the number of households has grown steadily disintegrating.
 The first reaction to betrayal may be different from uncontrolled tears to hysterical laughter. That's just in my heart there is always a pain. Even if you've been tired of each other and live together because of the children or for other reasons. Partner in life - a living person, and indifferent to treat betrayal he can not. But no matter how painful (and maybe even vile and disgusting), the aggrieved party need to make a decision: to forgive or not.

To say that this is one of the most important and difficult decisions in life - just keep quiet. Indeed, at a time when emotions overflow, to include common sense and act. Especially difficult it is given to women in view of their heightened emotionality. What to do?

First you need to analyze and understand why life partner did so. The reasons for it may be a few:

- Drank too much and no longer control their actions;
- It is in principle always was not averse to attend to the opposite sex, and often it was not appropriate;
- It lacks the sexual satisfaction of the home;
- Love has grown cold, or has already passed;
- Lack of understanding, he needs and is looking to the side;
- This is his way of life.

And if you look at the truth (although this in no way justifies the guilty party), it is often to blame for what happened both spouses. Or rather, their way of life and family relationships provoked treason.

It is therefore necessary to consider all factors before deciding how you will live. Also, much depends on the behavior of the offending party. If the abuser pleads guilty, apologizes repeatedly and deeds show how sorry about what happened, then maybe it makes sense to forgive him. But only if you can actually do this sincerely, not convince yourself that you need so.

If you simply can not, then you have every right, as the aggrieved party, to break off relations. That's just before to do so, consider all the factors: the presence of children and housing, as well as the opportunity to provide for themselves. Honestly, will be able to live without a life partner and erase everything that you once bound ?! After all, not everything in life, you can go back and fix ...

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