The more sex, the better?

The more sex, the better?
 Deny the importance of intimacy in a relationship would be, at least, unwise. This amazing gift of nature pleases and inspires, bringing together a couple not only physically, but also spiritually. However, to put at the center of a sexual relationship is not quite adequate, despite their widely and actively imposed on advertising in various media.

Today, many people believe that sex is given too serious and sometimes far-fetched value. For some people, having sex itself is almost an end in itself or a sport. In fact, the truth is, as it always happens, lies somewhere between the two extremes.

If we reject the view of Puritan part of the population or, conversely, insatiable playboys, and consider for example an established relationship pair, the sex can be regarded as a kind of indicator of intra situation. And then the question of its normal amount in the lives of two people no longer relevant.

In the first place, the frequency of intimate meetings is determined not by medical or social indicators, but only two partners, whose right to freedom of choice is undeniable. After all, most happy in physical proximity pair formed by the type of temperament. And that one pair would be a clear deviation, then the other is the optimal rate.

In addition, you should never substitute for the quality of quantity, and sexual intimacy in this case is no exception. And to separate themselves from the animal world, we try to turn sex into pleasure, not only the physical needs of the administration. And the satisfaction of sexual desire to bring joy and a real pleasure, it is not necessary to wonder how many of these meetings is necessary, and the regularity with which they are bound to repeat itself.

It's no wonder physical proximity is called making love, and this concept says it all. Besides, sex is usually a reflection of harmonious and respectful relationship, not a medicine against intrafamily problems, as many believe. So you should still listen more to their own feelings, rather than annoying to the promotion of sex as a banal physical needs.

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