Requests to your favorite, or how to find the other half?

Requests to your favorite, or how to find the other half?
 Having decided to do away with his lonely situation, you need to decide what exactly you are looking for a man not to naparyvatsya over and over again on the typical "not." For successful dating you need to create a list of requests to your future favorite.

To compile this list, think about that for you the most valuable in man. If it is difficult for you to answer this question, remember what qualities in men appreciate your mom. As a rule, the basic requirements for men are about the same for women of the same family. Write a list of queries, and can specify it in detail. It's okay if it will consist of 100 or more points.

Now divide this list into two groups. First highlight the really important things that must be present in your man. Here it is necessary to leave the 5-7 points, no more.

Once you have set for yourself the basic features of your chosen future, pay attention to their downsides. For example, if you dream of imperious and authoritative man, realize that you also have to obey him in everything. Or if you want your choice littered with money and every day you showered flowers from head to toe, be prepared that in family life for large purchases of money, most likely, will not be because of the beautiful gestures will leave his entire budget. Think correspond to your needs? If not, adjust your list.

As a result, you have on hand will be a list of the essential qualities, the presence of which you need to check all applicants for your heart in the first place, and in their absence terminate the relationship. Remember, no matter how you like a person on all other qualities, a mismatch in the main do no good. Request for remaining outside these mandatory items 5-7 are listed as desirable, but not necessarily the quality of your men. Guided in choosing them is not necessary.

Now that you are very clear about your other half, you will not be difficult to determine the place where the most likely to meet someone. For example, it is easier to meet a businessman in the business center, the exhibition or seminar traveler - at the airport or at the store tourist equipment. Bring themselves embattled, and forward - for happiness.

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