"Not the" man: to recognize and throw

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Many women suffer for months and years, if those men are next to them. If we take into account the following classification of men who enjoy only a very limited number of women, it can be by contradiction evaluate your partner and make a decision as whether to further delay the break?

Type 1. Eternal teenager
The man walks up gray hair with friends, the same restless romantics, hiking, sleeping in an embrace with a guitar and sometimes dressed in things that normal people would not even hesitate to take out the garbage. His unrecognized talent bard or artist known only to a narrow circle of connoisseurs hoarse in the wind (well even if only on this) votes and sketches in the style of children's drawings on the pavement.

Type 2. The Miserly Knight
The Spartans would have collapsed with envy, seeing the situation in his apartment. Iron bed, borrowed must be at a nearby hospital for a bottle keeper, table of fine particle board, perform the functions and written, and lunch at the same time, one or two chairs (second - in the event of the arrival of an unwanted guest). Sometimes to such splendor and added closet that holds two suits - one business and another, wrapped in cellophane, in case of sudden death. Such men are somehow always would talk about death, and very concerned about how they will look in the coffin.

Type 3. Incurable sissy
If most men treat their mothers with reverent love that can only inspire respect, some of them literally every one of his sentence begins with the words: "But Mom ...". "Mom," contrary to the assurances of experts, they do not see anybody and anywhere, except herself. Even if they ever get married, and then only by the age of 40, on the advice of my mother, who is already tired of waiting and grandchildren will forever dwell together with a young family, even if it is flat wife.

Type 4. A fool
If women are "lovely, what silly" and "horror, what fools" that men are fools without nuance. Moreover, according to the documents they are quite a mentally healthy citizens. Fools usually take for granted in everyday use any stereotype and stupidly followed him all his life. At the meetings, they begin to "shoot" the idea to everyone, without worrying about what you need interlocutors, which they have with each passing day it becomes less and less. But sometimes the opposite effect if a man finds a kindred spirit. And since the two - it's a crowd, they can seriously start to develop some idea, based on the concept of stereotype until the overthrow of the government and the establishment of militant Buddhism.

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