Manage a man - to manage life

Manage a man - to manage life
 Every woman is able to completely subdue any man using a neat trick and wise detours that touches the callous male consciousness. The strength of a woman is not so much in its weakness, but in wisdom.

Exactly how a woman can make a man become better than he actually is, and then turn it into a fact of which she dreamed from the beginning?

A simple, reliable and enjoyable way to become a normal presence in his life. Wherever, wherever he went, his image, his suit should always correspond to the level that you think should be here now.

As a second method, you can slowly but surely raise the bar higher its representation of you. Imagine that the wife and her husband agreed to go on a visit, but do not go together, and already met once with friends. The woman appeared dressed not as usual, but in a completely different style, a different hairstyle, make-up, in an absolutely incredible evening dress, and the "glass slipper". His suit will now look next to it just does.

What will happen to her husband? The next day, he just buy a new suit. And the next day something beautiful wife, just in case. And on the third day, it is possible that he will decide for the first time in many years, offer her to spend a vacation together, as will want new sensations.

The third way you can already begin to slowly but surely win influence. Pretend weak and defenseless, ask a man to help in any difficult task. If he really loves you, then you will be able to get him to commit any exploits, move mountains and thus even force the offense to get fun!

And the fourth way, just do not inspire confidence in a man that tomorrow you will come in the same dress: stockings or tights, skirts and shoes should always be in perfect condition. A man like that his woman shows great interest in his own person, and you will also be pleased by the new attitude to you and your chosen business activity.

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