Love - donation or exchange?

Love - donation or exchange?
 True love give without asking anything in return. This is clearly seen on the relationship of people to the wedding. After all, before the wedding, people relate to each other as a gift of fate. After the wedding - as his own. And then are surprised that desires are not implemented, love goes ...

But mutual love implies a mutual work and mutual compromises. In love is not important Brazilian passion, and the ability to negotiate! And it should be understood that the object of your love - not your property. You can not make decisions for him, to command them.

Consult and negotiate - what you can afford.

The best way to keep love long and warm relationship - remember that you can always leave.

If your family has a car, you do not need to explain how much time and money is required by this "not a luxury but a means of transportation" to move around on it safely. Machine - just iron.
Agree that people - being more complex and delicate than the machine. It is not clear why many people consider reasonable to spend on car care, money, time and attention, and their loved ones to deny it all.

In a loved one, a loved one in order to invest more mental strength, light emotions, love, care, attention, time and money. At what contribution this perpetual and disinterested. And you do not have the right to claim back all attachments or insist on compensation. Only when your input is done sincerely and selflessly, he will return to you with interest.

Sociologist Erich Fromm identifies two union. First - symbiotic. This is a sadist and masochist Union. They both can not live without each other, but one command, subordinate to the other.

On the other unions Fromm says: "Unlike the symbiotic union, mature love - a union, a condition which is to preserve the integrity and identity of partners."

We must remember that the most durable marriages those that know how to forgive and negotiate. And the family - an institution of self in which there is no object "to reform others." As long as one spouse converts (y) for themselves, the family does not end the conflict.

Negotiate, and do not ask, you do not lose.

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