How to save the love

How to save the love
 Once timid affair turned into a series of quarrels and conflicts? If the tenderness and understanding has disappeared, you should completely rethink their relationship with a partner. After the union of man and women-not just a joint life and shared a bed, but a permanent job.
 Do not focus on the relationship

A typical female mistake - a full immersion in family life. "All he gave! "- Is not it a familiar phrase? Those who spends all his strength ratio, is only interested in "Weather in the house", forgetting old friends and favorite hobbies thrown, it is not surprising that a partner becomes stingy with emotions. But once he fell in love with the provocative Laughs, a lover of extreme sports star or a dance floor. And it is hardly expected that the beautiful princess turned into a boring lady, looped in the kitchen, the comfort and cleanliness of the sexes.

Concentrate on the merits of a partner

Remember the first months of his novel, when it seemed that no man is better than your partner. While you certainly have been assured that his dignity outweigh the disadvantages. But over time, the opposite happens - the negative traits of the partner come to the fore, overshadowing a good that will win you over on the first date. If the domestic habits of men, his demeanor, or even talk, cause irritation and hostility, you should turn back time and again to focus on his positive qualities. Follow the simple exercise: on a piece of paper describe what you like (or before enjoyed in your favorite). This may be the character traits, skills, abilities. Every time you feel that you are disappointed in their men, re-read this list and find a reason for pride. Remember that estimating the true partner, you stimulate it to new victories, and also makes the relationship stronger.

Do not neglect the intimate life

Sex - an important element of the relationship between man and woman. Sexual problems are alarming bell, signals the cooling of partners to each other. For men, the concept of "sex" and "love" are connected into one unit. Therefore, frequent failures in the vicinity will be perceived as a lack of warm feelings on your part. If lack of desire caused by fatigue, do not hesitate to ask for help a loved one. Knowing what "reward" awaits him in the evening, a partner certainly will not give up the work on the house.

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