How to keep love

How to keep love
 Two, start a life together, reveling in joy. They believe that love is eternal and passion discharged. But the days pass, and the fire of desire is quenched first quarrels, accusations and insults, misunderstandings and the usual boredom. What is called routine gray weekdays, sucks like a swamp. And once sounded bitter words: "We have not saved love." If you really want a long happy life with this man, have to work hard. And then love will change to become an adult, wise and calm, but will always be with you.

Once a week:

Take a shower or bath together, permitting its size. The opportunity to rub his back each other or play with foam grace and impact on personal hygiene, and relationships.

Set aside all the household chores to make love. No matter how important or had your troubles, love is more important.

Make each other compliments. Words of admiration - it is the food of love. There is nothing that supports love as delight in the eyes of the partner.

Forgive each other weaknesses and let the partner do what you do not like it too. For example, walking with friends on the football or scatter their socks.

Laugh. Laughter prolongs not only life, but also relationships. Buy tickets for comedy or together look ridiculous TV show.

Once a month:

Embark on an adventure. Take a ride on a hot air balloon, go hiking or ride the train, aimlessly.

Discuss the state of your finances, the money does not prevent you to enjoy each other.

Show off your partner. Tell her friends how smart he twists bulbs, sets up the computer and how many colors it gives you. Your boyfriend will be happy and will try to match.

Hide from the world. Stay together where you will not find anybody, nor his friends, nor your mother. Turn off the phone and simply Stay together alone.

Go to a bar not with him, and with her friends. This will help to build trust between you. Importantly, do not tell me about pretty strangers trying to meet you. Jealousy - it is not a subject for games.

Try something non-standard sex. Let it be unusual positions, toys for adults, and possibly even role-playing games.

Once a year:

Celebrate the anniversary of your acquaintance with the scope. Let the table will be pink champagne and unusual treat. Perhaps partner gets used not once, but gradually it will become your family holiday tradition. And your grandchildren will be happy to come to congratulate you.

Construct a birdhouse or bird feeder, change the wallpaper in the bedroom, to make repairs in the kitchen. Joint work brings.

Repeat your first kiss: the same, the same, as well.

No matter how long you meet, tell the partner why you are in love with him. Remind about it myself. This will help you understand what to strive for.

Write him a letter in which he shared his thoughts on the past year. And after 20 years you will have a whole stack of these memoirs.

Once in a lifetime:

Naplyuyte for money and make your dream.

Take a trip to Paris, Venice or Rio.

Pay off the mortgage.

Help a friend to believe in love.

Stand the test of poverty.

Together poisoned oysters.

Make love in an unusual place.

Play a wedding. It will be great.

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