How to keep love men

How to keep love men
 If you find your prince and found a mutual love, remember - it still needs to save for years to come. Contrary to popular belief, not all men aspire to have in my life as much as possible novels, some are quite satisfied with the beloved woman nearby. It is only necessary to understand the psychology of the stronger sex to be desirable for him always.
 When you go out with him, probably asked why he chose you out of all the girls on the ground. That answer is guided by your guy - always be the way you like it! Cheerful, energetic, cheerful, smart, beautiful, slim and so on. Quite a challenge, because you can not relax for a minute. But there is nothing wrong - it is useful to keep yourself in good shape and form constantly.

Make it so that he fell in love and your weaknesses so that they become the highlight of that, remembering that man will melt. A woman does not have to be strong in all - so the man will feel in you, rather opponent than delicate flower. If he had the impression that you like a rock, soak all the blows of fate, he will look for a girl who needs his strength and protection.

Gave the man his love and tenderness as a miracle fabulous and delicate, hand them to him with credulity fawn that he kept the gift and protected. So you do half the work to preserve his ardent feelings. He will try never to hurt you and not to offend - it can not hurt so naive and gentle creature.

Men forever remain in the depths of his soul a little boy who needs her mother's care and praise. So do not be stingy with compliments to his courage, intelligence, agility, reliability and strength. Appreciate what he does for you, giving thanks always and for gifts and for business. If a man feels fit, feels your response, it will love you even more than before.

Be it for a constant source of joy and happiness - because such a relationship will bring only positive emotions and you. In love all mutually. Do not remove your bad mood on a man - this is not a lightning rod! Better together make it a great share in that upset you, and think pleasant experience for both of you. He can also get tired and go not in the spirit, let the young man to talk, hug and kiss delicate hands many times. No man can stand against such anti-depressant!

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