How to evaluate his feelings

How to evaluate his feelings
 Sometimes a woman may be plagued by doubts: "But does he love me? ". To evaluate his feelings to yourself, do not need to resort to inspection and tricks. Simply take a closer look at his behavior. It is the little things point to the true feelings of a man.
 He truly loves you if he wants to constantly take care of you. He cares for you during your illness. His concern your thoughts, your opinion on a particular issue. He makes concessions, when he sees that you disagree with him in some regard. If you are experiencing with someone dispute, your man always gets in your way. He is interested in your business, what you were doing in his absence. His delight not only your strengths but also some lovely disadvantages. He does not hesitate to confess to you in love. Especially valuable is recognized when it is clear that man is very worried, saying it and fear of being rejected. He likes to kiss you, touch you, make love to you. He fears that he could lose you. He signs his text messages with the words "I love you", "whole" and the like.

But sometimes it is not so perfect, and his feelings may be controversial. This happens when a man keep back a lot, does not let you fully in your life. He is in no hurry to talk about his past enthusiasm, even after you have opened it in this matter. Maybe he does not trust you. He does not feel jealous when others have you attention. Doubts about the sincerity can be justified and if he does not care about you, what helps a little. He is not interested in your opinion on any matter, it will do as he sees fit. It hides you from friends. Or maybe vice versa - all with a beret, even football and fishing, where a woman appears out of place. His irritate your shortcomings. But despite this, he hastens rather a declaration of love, while it is felt that these "confessions" given to him with ease.

If a man does not speak of love with you and does not even try to seduce you, he just does not love you. Of course, it is difficult to evaluate their own feelings. Therefore, we can resort to a friend. Go together, for example, in the cafe. Let a friend take his favorite, and you - a. In such companies girlfriend will be easier to see by how tenderly and respectfully to you man. If it is the whole evening showed disrespect to you, then there is no love here definitely not. Do not waste your time on a man. It is better to find another more worthy contender for your heart.

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