Holiday romance. Rules of the game

Holiday romance. Rules of the game
 Holiday romance light and fleeting, even though many women are hoping for long-term relationship. To return from vacation with pleasant memories, but not with bitter disappointment, it is necessary to know all the pros and cons of the resort amorous games.
 Holiday romance will give you the opportunity to feel irresistible, desirable, mysterious, adrenaline pumping. You can play any role, to put on any mask (good girl, vamp, windy coquette), just let your imagination run wild - and your dreams and desires are realized. All this will be reflected positively on your form. And, after returning home, you will delight all men.

But keep in mind that the change of the southern passionate affair gray everyday life is fraught with depression. To this did not happen, do not forget about the transience of fabulous relationship, that in real life they are not repeated. Take this fact for granted and enjoy the wonderful moments until they are.

It sounds corny, but summer vacation is likely to bring and venereal disease and unwanted pregnancy. So take care of contraceptives and disinfectants, antiseptic. Make sure that everything is in order: visit the gynecologist not later than one month after the holiday romance.

Crooks, swindlers, gigolos - southern shores are full of them, because there are a lot of easy prey as gullible ladies. To avoid being the next victim of these clever people leave valuables in the storage room, found only on its territory and to remain vigilant.

Not only can you really fall in love during a holiday romance. It happens that a man overwhelmed by the feeling. And then you have to put up with his obsessive love and totally inappropriate. Therefore, you must immediately explain partner that any serious relationship between you should have what you perceive as beautiful southern flirt, but short game.

If you react to resort to the novel as a leisure, entertainment - it is nice variety to your life and left a bright and only positive memories.

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