He is not the hero of my novel!

He is not the hero of my novel!
 Girls are always trying to find the love of his life. Sometimes they are so much seek to do that mistaken for love is not a feeling, but for your soul mate - not the person. But sometimes, even in the beginning of a relationship can be assumed with a high degree of probability that they are doomed to failure. Who is, by definition, not the hero of your novel?
 1. The man chosen mom. Of course, my mother and other loved ones you want only the best. That is why they want to arrange your privacy.

However, there is one caveat - the mother did not always understand that choosing a young man in accordance with their preferences. As a rule, my mother had once dreamed of such a "prince" for themselves, and now believes that her daughter and it will be the best pair. Remember standing one - it's your life, and decide with whom to associate it, you only need you.

2. A guy friend. It is unlikely that a friend will be delighted when she finds out about your affair with her boyfriend, even if the former. Scenarios may be several - you can lose a friend or break off all relations with the guy because of the idea that he is constantly comparing you to her. From these fears are not so easy to get rid of, they can become a fixed idea, haunting you everywhere.

3. The guy who anticipates all desires. This young man tries around with you to accept and faithfully look into the eyes. At first it may like it, but after a while begins to annoy you.

Perhaps this is a special tactic designed to conquer the hearts of women. Then you should think about whether to spend on him his name. There is another option - it will be so all my life to see the world with your eyes and you will eventually become boring and not interesting.

4. A childhood friend. The person with whom you associate bright memories of friendships, may one day be the only worthy candidate for a permanent partner in the circle of your friends. But do not try it on their feminine charms.

If each child has not been secretly in love with you, you can lose it. Psychologists believe that in most cases the deep feelings of love in such situations occur very rarely.

But definitely never tell in advance whether there is a future for you with this or that person. In the case of an exception to every rule, so you can make the choice to rely on our own feelings.

If you can not find the right one in the circle of his friends, do not be upset. Be active, sociable and friendly and soon you will meet your happiness.

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