Sexual obsession and asexuality

Sexual obsession and asexuality
 Connoisseurs of human souls call our age "the age of permissiveness and universal sex." Indeed, the sexual revolution far behind, but people still go crazy for this uncomplicated process of breeding for survival. However, there was also the other extreme - more and more people call themselves asexual, recognizing that absolutely indifferent to any kind of sex.  

What happens on a small blue planet? On the one hand we have an ever-increasing army of people who are obsessed with sex. And this is understandable and clear. It's hard to resist the obsession with sex with the full and absolute dominance thereof in all media mass media.

Wherever you throw look voluptuous moans heard everywhere visible and exposed parts of the body. Youth attached to the sacrament of carnal love in the unthinkable for the older generation ages - it's about 12-13 years.

Yesterday's children are studying with interest theory of sex and fun to practice, under the paternal care of a lot of youth TV channels and magazines.

At the same time develop a completely new forms of sexuality, and "thanks" for this you need the Internet. Now for sex does not necessarily start a relationship and meet someone and somewhere. Enough to go to the network and turn on your webcam, and only partner for virtual sex is always there.

Deviations are converted into real subculture and movement: there may be mentioned fetish, bdsm and other "hobbies", once described in textbooks of Freud.

This permissiveness has led to the fact that more people are "officially" declare themselves asexual, ie people who are not interested in sex.

Often they are not interested in not only the carnal pleasures, but also everything that has to do with the opposite sex. For example, they often do not experience any sexual or romantic attraction to someone else. If some feelings there, not many are eager to spend it on another person.

Some categories asexuals romantic feelings still needed, but they stand firmly on his and refuse everything related to sex, and, in fact, experiencing sexual attraction to a partner.

Scientists explain asexuality stress that people experience in the modern world. What can cause a complete rejection of love and carnal pleasures? In the future, it can make a person totally indifferent to sex and extension of the human race, and this in turn increases the risk of extinction of people on the planet.

The two extremes of modern attitudes to sex once again prove the ancient wisdom that everything must have a measure that would otherwise never be harmony among the people.

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