Earn more than men? It is easy!

Earn more than men? It is easy!
 Modern women have moved to a new stage in its development. Emancipation, feminism - these words have already come into our lexicon. Women can easily build a career, raising children and look great at the same time.

In modern families, men and women often change places. Earns one who is better at it. If this position is comfortable with both partners, then there is nothing predusuditelnogo. How women succeed? There is a certain sequence of actions that will allow you to earn more than men.

1. Too low self-esteem. Women tend to underestimate their talents and abilities. When applying for a job, especially if the head of a man, many women do not show interest in their desired salary. Exposed to a lot of doubt and uncertainty in their abilities, women agree on the salary that is offered to them, not even trying to sound more high level of remuneration. The employer is required to take advantage of it. You should be confident, as a specialist, and speak boldly about their expectations. It also applies to further enhance and promotion.

2. Women are embarrassed to talk about money. Discuss financial issues need to be. But you need to clearly articulate the amount, timing, objectives and means to achieve. Learn to speak the language of the stronger sex. Speak openly about the problems, if any. Money makes our life comfortable and help to achieve higher goals.

3.Zavisimost from men. Many women difficult to admit it, but it is convenient to be financially dependent on her husband. After all, the ability to earn money is a big risk of losing a loved one. Not every man is reconciled with his wife, who earns more than him. Some are even ready to break relations, because do not reach the high bar of its halves. If you are asking for money from men, then you comfortable this position. If you are able to earn more than him, then go ahead. Loving people you will always be happy to your success.

Money - it is also a responsibility. Do not forget it. In the methods of obtaining finance is not necessary to go over the heads. But the desire to advance and develop their potential will reveal you as a person and give a reason to proud.

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