Down with the routine of sex!

Down with the routine of sex!
 Sex - one of the important components in the relationship between people who love each other. Unfortunately, many couples over the years, bogged down in the everyday problems, forget about it. And sex becomes their duty, not pleasure. But if both are beginning to realize that it is necessary to resume sexual ardor and try to rectify the situation, it is likely they will be able to recover the lost feeling.

Sexual relationships require constant innovation. Repeating every day like a broken record sexual act becomes boring and mundane action. About what really ardor feelings can I say?

Try together to discuss what you want to try in bed. Unspoken desires are often the cause of change. But keep in mind, if the partner begins to describe to you what you do not accept your love life, no need to shout and resent you for anything it does not agree. Firstly, because you will block all desire to tell you to continue your innermost dreams. And secondly, how do you know that will never do you go? Many people, especially women, lost one - two partners decided to try something new that they thought they did not like it, and then realized how wrong earlier in their judgments.

Visit the sex shop together with parterre or alone. Do not be ashamed of the seller or buyer, the goods in question. Once these people are here, it means that they do not have prejudices that you still affect relax. Be sure to get at least some trifle, it will remind you that you need to be liberated in sex. People who do not use products from a sex shop, in fact, many are losing their lives, including the favorite.

Together consider "Kama Sutra". Of course, many postures shown in this encyclopedia of sex, too complex and cumbersome to implement, but maybe you can pick one or two that fit exactly to your pair.

Love during sex, do not be selfish. No wonder they say that giving gifts to many more enjoyable than to receive them. If the favorite in awe of your caresses, it is a great pleasure for you.

Take frequent joint viewing porn. Copulation other couples is very exciting. This has the effect of spying, you see, but you is not ashamed.

Excites many fetish. Each pair has his own: sexy lingerie, stockings, high heels shoes, clothing, latex, etc. Use to flavor room stimulating aroma oils: neroli, rose, ylang-Ealing and etc. Can try the spirits with feramonami. Any odors are perceived on a subconscious level, and if you like the flavor, it can awaken just did animal desire.

Try, experiment, and then your sexual relationship sparkle with new colors.

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