Cooking Happiness Prescription

Cooking Happiness Prescription
 Is there a recipe for happiness? Maybe there is a sequence of actions, after which everyone would be happy? Not so simple. References, doing that, we can realize the happiness and strive for it. It is necessary to understand that happiness depends on you and not from the surrounding people or external circumstances.

Psychologists advise to analyze the amount of happiness in life, checking how balanced life. Write what things in your life do you spend the greatest amount of attention. How much time to spend on yourself?

What percentage of your cases take care of themselves, friends, hobbies? And even how much time a day do you spend on your dreams and plans - it's also very important. Everyone has a desire and purpose. Do you execute them?

Ideally, all vital to the process of happiness should leave about the same amount of time. Otherwise, there is an imbalance, some sphere receives less attention than it needs. Inharmonious condition of the person appears because of this.

Many women do not pay enough attention to the health and appearance. And this is very important because of the health well-being depends directly, and appearance plays an important role! Take care of health, start to eat right, engage in physical activity, sign up for a massage. The mood immediately improved.

School or work - that's what takes considerable time in any person. As far as you are comfortable with this sphere of activity? Perhaps, at work and no prospects need to find something new, and you can not solve?

Or temporary work has become constant, although it is not the soul. But everything seems to be calm, and go anywhere you do not want already. How often this happens with people! Someone really finds his calling so, and who, on the contrary, spends time in vain. Do not be afraid to take control of their lives and to manage it.

Socializing with friends and family is vital. Alone people like potted plants without watering wither: no new ideas, lost luster in the eyes. Communication is necessary for people, because people - a social being.

Pay more attention to old friends, select, finally, his company to the movies on a new movie. Do not forget to expand their circle of acquaintances. Go to new places, meet new people. Be open to the world, and then the world will open up to you a lot, you'll see.

Dreaming is very useful, do not forget about it. Every day, pay a little bit of time to plan for life and dream a little. Try to fulfill their dreams. Do your best to bring life to what you want.

Do not forget about the joy of simple things. Fresh breeze, delicious coffee, the sun came out after a week of gloomy weather - all of this is cause for a simple joy that makes life happy.

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