Causes of female and male infidelity

Causes of female and male infidelity
 In the life of many paradoxes. One of them belongs to the most intimate human relations. And it is that the vast majority of men and women, creating a family, sincerely believe that even the thought of the opportunity to change them would dream of! They will be perfect in all respects marriage! The reality, unfortunately, is often quite different. So what is the reason to change? Why is my husband, for which his fiancee was once the best and desired, went "on the side"? Accordingly, what was missing his wife, zavedshey lover?

Often factor pushing to infidelity, is such an option, when the couple can not possibly achieve sexual harmony. Having lost interest in each other, they are looking for passion somewhere on the side.

Few people do not have to listen to the complaints of injured woman: "I tried for it! The house has no dust or small particles, any thing in its place, cook, as in a good restaurant, always wash the shirts, ironed. Work hard, as hard, that he was well, and he is! What does he see in her? ". Yes, the very thing that was once found in his wife: beauty, freshness, puzzle. Remember, the woman should be like a woman, not the husband is tired of life. The world does not turn upside down, if the house is not "sterile cleanliness" and "only" relative order. Spend a little time for yourself.

Childbirth - too serious test for spouses. Many husbands, genuinely not knowing and not knowing how much effort takes a romp with a helpless baby, suddenly appeared to suffer from "coolness" wives. Man perceives as a personal affront that dismal fact that the type of bed now makes his beloved only one irresistible desire: to fall on it, and a good sleep. And if at this moment he met charmer who wished to "comfort" the offended gentleman, that to treason - one step.

Well, what is guided by a woman, reshivshayasya to commit adultery? Especially when you consider that the vast majority of women experiencing the fact of infidelity much more painful men unfeigned feeling remorse?

First of all - because of the urgent desire to feel like a woman with a capital letter, able to please men, to fascinate them, and even inspire a very real passion. If the husband has no attention to his wife, does not speak of compliments (remember: "a woman loves ears?"), He thereby consciously or unconsciously pushing her to the idea of ​​"novel."

Also, women often change that "just" revenge men for real or imagined offense. In such situations, they are guided by emotion rather than common sense. And then almost always experience a rude awakening.

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