B - is not a place where people are willing to listen to the naked truth

B - is not a place where people are willing to listen to the naked truth
 The bed has a specific purpose, even two purposes - sex and sleep. Of course, before going to bed, you can discuss with your partner some minor problems, or just to talk, but not to sort things out. Time before going to bed should not be used for ardent discussions and expressions of discontent, or sleep at night you can not see.

Relationship without quarrels and misunderstandings do not exist, but the constant tension between two close friends - is one of the signs of incompatibility. Complete showdown need before you go to bed.

Very often, women resort to blackmail, leaving a portion of the evening without a partner sex and explaining that he did not deserve it today. That is, ladies, so use the opportunity to influence the partner using the kind of training, which usually leads to the fact that the man seeking to meet their physical needs elsewhere. The woman, in turn, begins to wonder why her male started to come late from work and do not know where the lost weekends, wonders what had happened to his enthusiasm and perpetual harassment.

Another part of the women refuse sex partner for a variety of reasons. It can be a headache, and fatigue, and just in a bad mood. And do not say a woman in bed the truth about man is that he is unable to meet it, or initiate, or, in the end, she just does not want his partner.

Perhaps she had forgotten what an orgasm, but that does not mean that the problem in a man. Modern girls badly understand male psychology, for men humiliating failure in sex and in consequence it may be afraid to take the initiative, which will also begin to displease ladies. Once a woman is successful, and the partner ceases to persuade a woman to proximity, it changes the tactics of behavior and starts to accuse a partner in the lack of attention to it. She gets hurt because of this injustice.

Most interesting is that many couples can afford after lovemaking, turning his nose to the wall, to declare that the partner as always did not bring the desired satisfaction. Bed - a place where there should be only positive emotions. If the desire to sort things out there after rough sex, do not be surprised peaceful snoring partner at the time of your tirade.

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