About diet and sexuality

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 Every woman wants to be sexually attractive and desirable to the man she loved. Anything goes: cosmetics, perfumes, beautiful clothes, sexy lingerie and other women's tricks, up to plastic surgery. In pursuit of sexy girls tend to improve the shape and sit on a diet, but is it necessary? Will the diet and fasting to purchase attractive shapes?  

Sexologists have long understood that sexuality and outer beauty body - things are interrelated, but not interdependent. You can find a very beautiful woman with a good figure and regular features, but men do not like and do not want them, and they are alone. Conversely, there are plump woman, apparently does not stand out, which many fans and admirers. What is the reason? Do I have to, in this case, to torture yourself diets, if they do not guarantee male attention?

The only correct answer is not here, it all depends on the type of figure of a woman. If the young lady really is overweight, fat deposits on the body, and she shy about his appearance, the diet it is vital, it is without a doubt. First, the diet will help tidy up the body. Very reasonable to combine light diet with taking vitamins and exercise. In this case, you will have a beautiful body, healthy skin, hair, nails and a good complexion. No man will not remain indifferent.

Secondly, a significant influence on the weight loss and self-esteem and behavior of women. Shy of the figure, full of ladies are shy, awkward, unsure of themselves, they are pessimistic and are reluctant to contact with men. Sexual desire is cause opposite qualities: cheerful light character, self-confidence, optimism, openness, coquetry. Converts shape through diet, a woman falls in love with himself, becomes self-confidence, looking for an excuse to show off and show everyone the new "self". That's a dream woman and a man with a dream to be alone and have a good time together.

But if a woman has a normal figure with small flaws, the diet should be abandoned. All problem areas can pull through massage, exercise and cosmetics. The fact that the diet will reduce not only the problem areas - stomach, hips, but, first and foremost, breast and delicious cheeks. Yes, and the skin will be hanging on the emaciated body. As a result of your female charms nothing left, and problem areas remain.

People rightly say "Guys are not dogs, do not rush to the bone," and this is absolutely true. Excessive thinness sexuality adds. Do not believe me? Look at the modern show business. Men dream is not about skinny top models resembling hangers, scurrying up and down the catwalk, and a round of delicious Anfisa Chekhov. From the perspective of model looks, she has a lot of disadvantages: bulging belly full of eggs, the waist is not ideal. But men in awe of its forms. So why torture yourself diets, indulge in small pleasures of life, if the result can be the opposite of your desires?

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