8 things that work out better for women than men

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 Confrontation between women and men has been going on a lot of millennia, and no end in sight. Both sexes are trying to defend their positions in almost everything that can only execute people. Today, almost unanimously recognized that there are several cases that women cope better than men, but not all of them are a credit to the fair sex.  

Oddly enough, but the men give the palm to the ability of women to dress ... tasteless. Perhaps this is due to the relative scarcity of their wardrobe and a lack of imagination, whereby men are shackled framework suits. However, it is the girls are better able to find the most incongruous things and create an outfit that cause all views - from the surprised and indignant to mocking, but not delighted.

Sounds more positive second list item: women are better tolerate pain. This is particularly true at a reception at the dentist. Not to mention the fact that in real life girls are constantly accompanied by a rather painful process - weekly hair removal, at least nine months in anticipation of the baby and the next generations.

Despite the fact that the various subcultures have gained the right to legal existence, and man-hippie with a luxurious head of hair no surprise, it is believed that wearing long hair is better able to still ladies. But who knows, maybe the advantage is due to a lot of experience in this difficult matter? Especially because many young ladies prefer short haircuts, while men with hair gathered in a ponytail are not as rare.

Four closes the ability of the human body, such as memory. Pleased to note that we have in mind is not a grudge - or rather, not just one. Women are better stored memories of various life everyday events, just good and bad. Their memory is like a fine sieve retain any details of which men then easily add up the whole picture.

It is easier to give women and wakefulness - or rather, lack of sleep experience. Perhaps it is a gift of the maternal instinct, because young mothers are often on their feet all night guarding the her baby. This is the ability of many of the fair sex is manifested before the children.

Jokes about the mysterious logic of life found expression in this list: the women recognized the primacy of the ability to not use logic at all. This does not mean that they are deprived of it. Just when men are guided by it in all situations, women can decide for themselves when to use it, and when - no.

Science has proven that women are better peripheral vision. Therefore, it is easier today to cope with the huge number of cases in the kitchen, in the bathroom, perform several cases. True, they do not have time, but this is a side effect that can be eliminated.

Bringing up the rear ability to scream. It is so obvious that this paragraph all agree.

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